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John Guandolo Featured on Breitbart News Daily Radio Show

As the founder and president of Guandolo Associates LLC, John Guandolo is an expert on counterterrorism. In December 2015, he joined Sirius XM Patriot Radio’s Breitbart News… 181 more words

John Guandolo

Rape Jihad New Year's Eve Statistics In Germany Published - 1,049 Crimes Reported - Two Suspects In Custody

You won’t read this in America’s mainstream news publications or see it on television broadcasts.  The full list of reported crimes from the Rape Jihad, which was coordinated and launched against Europeans across the continent last New Year’s Eve, is called “staggering.”  What’s worse is the emerging evidence of government/media complicity which becomes more apparent by the week.  285 more words


FBI Is No Longer Just Checking Hillary Clinton's Email's, It's Gone Seriously Beyond That

I guess many of us knew it would eventually come to this. You see it’s all about money and greed. Do you recall when Hillary told the American people that they were broke when they left the White House, that she and Bill had to make the payment on two mortgages, really now! 636 more words

Donald Trump Is Probably Correct When He Said Hillary Clinton Does Not Have The Stamina To Be President

If you recall Donald Trump was saying a few days ago and you know that Trump is never lost for words that he didn’t think Hillary Clinton has the stamina to be president. 517 more words

Obama's NSA Will Not Spy On The People Who Want To Kill Us But Will Spy On Our Closest Ally Israel And The United States Congress

If people thought President Nixon was ruthless Obama makes Nixon look like a saint and this is only one of the pieces Obama has been doing throughout his many devious deeds. 358 more words

Obama Missed A Golden Opportunity With His Empty Speech Too We The People But That Was To Be Expected

In my title I stress the fact that Obama missed a golden opportunity with his empty speech too We The People but that was to be expected. 879 more words

Just Two Hours Into The San Bernardino Shootings Obama Goes Gun Control

Obama just cannot help himself, just two hours into the San Bernardino shootings Obama had to lecture We The People on gun control just like the good Marxist that Obama is. 552 more words