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Trump mulls alternative options for making Mexico finance 'the wall'

Although Donald Trump doubled down this week on his vow to make Mexico pay for his proposed southern border wall, his campaign is reported to be weighing options that don’t necessarily involve the seemingly far-fetched scenario of the Mexican government handing America a great, big check. 330 more words

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Trump campaign chief is registered to vote in Florida at unoccupied home

Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign chief is registered to vote in a key swing state at an empty house where he does not live, in an apparent breach of election laws. 793 more words

Racism and the Race

For so long as we can remember, which stretches all the way back to a vague recollection of Lyndon Johnson’s landslide victory over Barry Goldwater, it’s been an election year tradition for the Democratic nominee to insinuate that the Republican nominee is a racist. 1,896 more words


Trump's Exit Strategy

I’ve said from the beginning that Donald Trump isn’t running a political campaign; he’s running a business campaign. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was his exit strategy. 650 more words

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Do Politicians Never Sleep?

As with most news junkies, I get notifications on my smart phone of breaking news alerts. Shortly after 10 am this morning, I got an alert that Paul Manafort had tendered his resignation to the Trump campaign which was accepted. 206 more words


The New Old Trump

It was the first day of the new Donald Trump campaign for president, the day after he surprised everyone and named Steve Bannon as the man who would work with him to present to America the real Donald Trump, the Donald Trump who would win the presidency easily in November. 3,175 more words