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After Over Six Years In Office Obama Instead of Giving We The People Inspiration Is Still Pushing A Socialistic Agenda

Obama once again at a Washington panel addressing poverty has pointed his finger at the wealthy for not doing more to combat poverty. What more can the wealthy do but cover their rear end from this socialist striving for Marxism. 547 more words

Leaderlless Obama Is Being Stood Up At Camp David By The Persian Gulf States

Maybe Obama can push our Yellow-Belly Congress around by them caving in to the Dictator at every outset but the Persian Gulf States have had enough from this leaderless phony. 475 more words

ISIS sets traps to lure in and kill homosexuals

ISIS has always been known for its crude hatred toward homosexual behavior, but the terrorist group has begun plotting ways in which the homosexual community can be lured in and then brutally executed. 149 more words

FOM: Social Media CCSS Truth.... or Not

Today’s Fib-o-Meter will take a peek at how CCSS is being portrayed on social media. The way this will work is you’ll see the screen shot first, then the Fib-o-Meter’s revelation. 403 more words

Fib-o-Meter Friday

Rand Paul on Liberty Movement -- 'GOP Establishment very worried because we've tapped vein in America’s psyche'

Breitbart News: LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is firing away at Democratic Party likely 2016 frontrunner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton right after announcing his presidential campaign, telling Breitbart News in an exclusive interview—one of just a handful he’s done since announcing—that he expects a “wrath” of new questions to unfurl upon her about the Clinton Foundation and her email scandal before long. 177 more words


An Iranian Advisor To Obama At The Iranian Nuclear Talks At One Time Worked For A Pro-Iranian Lobby

Just when We The People have been getting suspicious with the real intent of Obama’s talks with Iran to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb this story comes into light. 451 more words

Sarah Silverman Hurts Folks' Man Feelings With Humorous "Rape Prevention Tips"

The always hilarious comedienne Sarah Silverman is back in the news, this time for hurting the precious feelings of anti-feminist men. Silverman’s crime was sharing a list… 606 more words