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Belgium Watch Club Night

So, last weekend I went to the BWC GTG.

It’s great to find people with the same passion as yours and just chat about it for hours. 133 more words


Buying my first luxury wristwatch - the Breitling Super Avenger II.

22nd October 2017.

Anyone who knows me will be acutely aware that I have an extremely strong penchant for watches. Over the past ten-years-or-so I have amassed a collection of nearly thirty pieces but until now the most expensive one had a recommended retail price of just shy of £500. 1,126 more words


Designer Watches by Moyer Fine Jewelers

If you want to gift your loved ones with special gifts which they will cherish throughout their life, then you should choose the Moyer Fine Jewelers. 373 more words


The ultimate key for finding the perfect watchsize, Omg amazing mindblowing

Consider yourself a victim of clickbate. But hey, it’s nothing personal, got to make money somehow!

Since you are here, why don’t you just read on?

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Walking in air

Then it happens. Dave opens the throttle and I’m whooping with abandon. I can’t help it. And then we’re up, and I whoop louder. Yell and wheeze and holler and splutter, my euphoria battling the onrushing wind.

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