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Breivik to starve himself to death over bad conditions in prison

Breivik, the so called Christian, plans suicide, which the Bible is against, and God does not forgive suicide it is written, so this is just more proof that Breivik is not a real Christian. 38 more words


Ti-to, par-ti-ja, om-la-di-na, armi-ja! Uh, hm... Hrvat-ska! Hrvat-ska!

Moji Slavonci kažu: “Došle vile pred oči!” Vile su oštri seljački četvorozubac koji se koristi za utovar sijena, stajskog gnojiva ili, ah, dobronamjerno susjedsko uvjeravanje u kompliciranijim situacijama. 1,132 more words


British nazi plot to murder princes making Prince Harry king

This video says about itself:

Redheaded Man Convicted for Plotting Terror Attack

22 September 2015

Mark Colborne was convicted on September 22nd for plotting a terrorist attack with cyanide.

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Europe is dead. Long live Europe!

Driven by civil war, insurgency, poverty, and instability in their home countries, increasing numbers of migrants from all across the developing world are converging on Europe, often with  1,047 more words


After Breivik's massacre, back to Utøya in Norway

This video from the USA says about itself:

Norway Terrorism: Its time to talk about real Western Christian Nazi Terrorism | Oslo Utøya 22/7/11


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America is Committing Suicide

It’s disgusting that mass gun violence is barely news anymore in the U.S. Aurora, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood (twice), Charleston, Chattanooga, and now Lafayette — all within the past six years. 443 more words