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After Breivik's massacre, back to Utøya in Norway

This video from the USA says about itself:

Norway Terrorism: Its time to talk about real Western Christian Nazi Terrorism | Oslo Utøya 22/7/11


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America is Committing Suicide

It’s disgusting that mass gun violence is barely news anymore in the U.S. Aurora, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood (twice), Charleston, Chattanooga, and now Lafayette — all within the past six years. 443 more words

"He should never be released from prison!"

“I was a crown attorney for 30 years in Toronto and had had plenty of criminal cases through the years. The news about the terrorist attacks was all over the news and on the radio, it was given widespread coverage. 97 more words

After Breivik's massacre, again social democrat youth camp on Utøya, Norway

This video says about itself:

MASS MURDERER: Breivik gets 21 years for 77 LIVES & REGRETS not killing MORE

25 August 2012

Norwegian mass murderer…

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Segregation is the answer to racism

I pointed out earlier that segregation is a necessary and moral response to xenophobic populism in Europe. Now that more is clear about the motives of the Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, we can see clear parallels with ‘racist’ attitudes in Europe. 785 more words


Nordboer slår unge politiske modstandere ihjel

Hvis man skal bruge samme logik, som nogle nordboer bruger over for andre, så ja – nordboer slår politiske modstandere ihjel. Hvis vi breder det lidt mere ud geografisk og tidsmæssigt, kunne man sige, at germanske folk går ind for folkedrab, tortur og forfølgelse. 436 more words