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Photo taken of Brendan Behan painting, Dublin pub

The cold, hard rain:
the wind,
the leafless trees,
the puddles turned
to pools,
the sound of it
the muted green… 20 more words

William Pearse Writer

Trouble in the Glen -- Ep. 9

Brendan Behan is singing The Wild Colonial Boy, a song based on a real outlaw named Jack Donahue. The name in the song had to be changed, as the original version of the song was outlawed for celebrating someone who rebelled against the government. 8 more words

Brendan Behan

Trouble in the Glen -- Ep. 3

Travelers, like other itinerant groups (such as the more famous Roma), are frequently greeted with negative reactions from the communities they are near.  As is frequently the case with negative stereotypes, there is often a grain of truth to the claims which are then broadened out and applied to the group as a whole. 8 more words

W.B. Yeats

Trouble in the Glen -- Ep. 2

You would have thought Willie Yeats would have learned his lesson regarding the use of magic to capture the heart of Maud!  Also, Edith Somerville seems keenly interested in eavesdropping. 10 more words

W.B. Yeats

Trouble in the Glen -- Ep. 1

“Trouble in the Glen” is the title of a book (completely unrelated to this story) published in 1950 by Irish authors Maurice Walsh and Rennie McOwan. 81 more words

W.B. Yeats

Dublin's Circular Roads - 3

From the Five Lamps to Mountjoy   

When we’ve finished hanging around the Five Lamps we head north by northwest along Portland Row. The route picks up some of that ol’ Georgian charm, much tarnished now by urban grime and shifts in demographic fortune. 1,297 more words

#OTD in 1889 – Kathleen Behan, née Kearney, ‘Mother of All the Behans’ and folk singer is born in Dublin.

“What I have, I hold.” –Kathleen Behan

History has cast Kathleen Behan in supporting roles, reducing her to the “sister of” or “mother of” someone important. 1,230 more words

Irish History