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Your Vulnerability Makes You Beautiful and Alive.

This time finishing Brené Brown’s TED talk, I cried.

I felt ashamed that I was unemployed. I was terrified that I would end up with a job that would not give me what I want. 409 more words

The Choices We Make

It took years for me to understand that life is guided choices we make, not simply a series of things that happen to us. Nearly a year ago, I wrote about… 832 more words

Good Conversation

Vulnerability in Art: Kinks in the Armor that Draw a Crowd

A few months ago, I started to analyze what I need in my life to be happy. Stripping down myself to the most basics elements, I looked to what was essential for me to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. 780 more words


Letting Go with Love

Many of my friends and readers have children leaving for their first year of college in the next week, or two.  My heart is with them. 729 more words

Family Life

Why We Like To Blame The Gorilla Parents, The Alligator Parents & Everyone Else

When something terrible happens, I noticed that all the blamers seem to surface almost instantly. I was thinking of the parents of the little boy in the… 229 more words