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Week 6 - April 2nd

Dear Friends and family,

Today our little boo is 6 weeks old! Well, he’s still not supposed to be born until May 24th, but he’s been out of the oven and baking in Aurora for 6 weeks.. 602 more words

Jerry Kramer Talks About the Power Sweep

When Vince Lombardi was head coach of the Green Bay Packers, the running game was extremely efficient. In fact, in seven of the nine years Lombardi coached the Packers, Green Bay was in the top five in rushing the football in the NFL seven times. 2,236 more words

Ty Detmer Confirms The Unthinkable: Brett Favre Really Didn't Know What A Nickel Defense Was

This week, it came to our attention that early in his career, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre had to ask Ty Detmer what a nickel defense was. 556 more words


NFL: The beauty of Brett Favre not knowing what a nickel defense was

The term “gunslinger” is thrown around from time to time to describe quarterbacks. In some instances it is used to praise a player’s moxie and fearlessness in the pocket. 337 more words


Brett Favre's hilarious anecdote about 'nickel defense' perfectly sums up his career

Football is a complex sport. Needlessly so at times. There are so many code names and terms, the sport has almost created its own language. The average fan has no idea what a “3-tech” or a “green dog blitz” refers to. 207 more words


Brett Favre Said He Had To Ask Ty Detmer What A Nickel Defense Was; He Was Joking, Right?

I sent the following video to 11 of my most trusted SportsBudz to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. To me, this looks for all the world like Brett Favre telling a story about the time he played a long practical joke on Ty Detmer by pretending not to know what a nickel defense was. 338 more words


Operation Tank For Sam Darnold is Going Swimmingly For the Jets

Why is everyone surprised that the Jets are tanking by blowing up their roster? This is a shock … why, exactly?

We’ve been leaving a breadcrumb trail for months telling you how bad this team will be next season. 362 more words