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Carolina Camp

Yesterday, we finished the drive home from Brevard, North Carolina. It was the first camp I’ve been on in a few years; I think my last team camp was at Foret Montmorency in 2015. 391 more words


Different locale, same old God-awful problem: litter and lots of it ...

My home base is now Brevard. Traded in were the urban environs of Charlotte for a pretty view of the mountains.

But Brevard (pop. 7,800) shares at least one unfortunate trait with its big city brother: an unsightly amount of trash and litter. 392 more words

A lawn. I forgot, ignored, dismissed the idea of a lawn ...

My last slog around a lawn sweating behind a push mower was in 2005? 2006? Whenever. It’s just that when my base shifted south of the Mason-Dixon Line, there was never a moment’s thought given to cutting grass – and edging and weeding and fertilizing. 785 more words

Writing To Adult Children

'Operator error' - again (and again)

Long ago when patriots were patriots in the truest sense, Thomas Paine wrote “These are the times that try men’s souls.” True then and true now.  842 more words

Writing To Adult Children

Seven is a Lucky Number...

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

And so, it begins…with Number 7 Arts.

Salut! Congratulations, you’ve stumbled across Art, In Particular’s first post.

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Old habits die hard - time to write again ...

The move to Brevard forced my longest letter writing stoppage in 16 years: more than two full months. Yet what passes for a home office is now set up and operable. 885 more words

Writing To Adult Children

Brevard, North Carolina

I spent this past weekend at one of my favorite places on Earth. For two months last summer, and currently about one weekend a month, I work(ed) as a Certified Operator on the ropes elements at Carolina Point, a Young Life camp in Brevard, North Carolina. 203 more words