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Learn to Code

Let’s set an example for our girls

By starting with ourselves. What do you think of when your hear the words, “computer programmer”, “application developer”, or “web developer”? 315 more words


Trajectory Towards Transformation: Part 4 — An Eastward Glance

In truth, the second scouting trip seemed more like “due diligence,” rather than a real reconnoitering for a relocation spot. We were already leaning heavily to Colorado, but felt like we needed to at least look somewhere else. 767 more words


Day 1038 Drawing for days now. 

Finally getting the big painting of this ready.

As Charles Reid says “There are just some days I can’t draw.” And apparently this painting involved that for me. 289 more words


Memory Lane, NC mountains, Tire Blowout, Truck Blow Up, + Ross's Birthday!

When I was growing up in middle Tennessee, my family lived in a sweet, small, new neighborhood on the outskirts of a medium-sized town. As it seems everything has done recently, that town has expanded into becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and our quaint little neighborhood is now close to a major bypass due to the population and housing boom. 2,582 more words

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