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Russian River 300k



San Francisco

PCH Randos Five River 300K, Saturday February 7th 2015

We rode Terry Hutt’s “Five Rivers 300K”  as our first 300K brevet of the year. The route uses several of the long-distance bike trails in Orange and Los Angeles counties. 258 more words


2015 SFR Healdsburg/Russian River 300k (Workers' Ride)

Short version:
Great company – a fine mix of awesomeness and asshattery – along with splendid weather made for a memorable day of cycling.

The rest of the story: (or much more of it anyway) 3,392 more words


Kiwi Brevette Day 2 - an "easy" day

Distance: 170km

Health Status: Darth Vader

Snuggling into my bivvy in Hanmer in the first night of the Brevet, I had snuggled a bottle of near-boiling water in against my chest.   1,222 more words


Kiwi Brevette Day 1: In Search of an Adventure

Distance: 260km

Health Status: Pack-a-day

Wetness: English transitioning to glorious

In late 2014, the original cast of the 2010 Kiwi “Brovet” began planning a reunion for the 2015 Brevet.   1,428 more words


No pain; NO PAIN!

“You were bad, you were really bad”, said the wife once I returned home from the Gainesville 200K.   One look at my sunburned and haggled face told her I had not had an easy go at things.   585 more words

2015 SRCC Healdsburg to Napa 200k (R2)

I’d never done this brevet before, somehow it had never fit in my schedule. Or maybe I should say I’d never fit it in to my schedule, as the flat route never really piqued my interest, and the resulting fast times give it a somewhat testosteroney vibe that I’m not so keen on. 1,598 more words