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Cycling and running knee pain - problem solved

I still can’t believe how simple the solution is. It’s a stretch!

Two months ago I experienced a slight pain on the right side of my knee. 221 more words


Injured and riding your bike?

It’s been almost two months now and there’s no solution in sight for my injured knee tendon. I finally got to the decision to see a doctor next week, cause it seems like my body needs professional help. 244 more words


What's the deal with this "Pain-Cave" thing?


A “Pain-Cave” is a place where the cyclist can silently scream and suffer for hours. It’s the pre-hell.

2012 – a year after I got into endurance sports – I moved to Munich. 293 more words


The mental cycling trick

A year ago I discovered, that the mental aspect is playing a big role on a road bike. I was riding in a local group ride. 177 more words


Get creative with minimalism

It was a hard week for me. I tried to cycle again, but my tendonitis didn’t allow it. I also tried to run a few Kilometers, but this also didnt’t work. 180 more words


The Third Life of a Phoenix

“The Phoenix.” Hmm. I typed that title on a whim, but I like it. Maybe I need to have that in subtle, elegant calligraphy across the top tube? 440 more words

Vintage Bicycles

Maybe the smartest Bike tool

As a cyclist, I’m always searching for improvement. May it be riding technique, power, nutrition or bike tools. I used to carry a 250gramm Multitool with me. 219 more words