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Some say that London-Edinburg-London (LEL), UK’s longest Audax at 1440 kms. to be completed in 117 hrs. with an elevation gain of more than 11,000 mtrs.  7,476 more words

2017 Davis Dart: Team Steel Away

My timeliness of ride reports was doing better for a while there, and then I didn’t quite get this out before heading off on a ride of mildly inappropriate distance – and now there’s that whole story to tell – and then I got back from that – the ride that is – and… 1,445 more words


“Yes, No, Maybe, I Don’t Know? Can You Repeat The Question?”

The familiar chorus of Malcolm in the Middles theme song is surprisingly fitting in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum. There is a rising tide of speculation in the sea of ambiguity as the levels uncertainty is at an all-time high as the UK sits in a negotiations deadlock with the EU. 540 more words

2017 SRR Novato-Cazadero 200k

Leaving the Park and Ride

El Toro Train

reverse drop

Month of Cazadero continues! Although last week we were just in the greater metropolitan Cazadero area, and did not actually go downtown, it still seems like it should count. 1,893 more words


Frank's Ride 100

It’s unseasonably hot today. It feels like a December ride despite only being September. Fortunately it’s not yet humid and a strong breeze is blowing to take the edge off the sun’s blaze. 612 more words


2017 SFR Old Cazadero 300k

at the start

For the short version:
1. Much fun was had!
2. I was not stung by a bee.
3. I did not… 2,176 more words