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"Super Randonneur" Saju!

Atlast, accomplished what I desired to accomplish this year. A “Super Randonneur” in cycling, by completing the set of 200, 300, 400 and 600kms brevet rides successfully this year. 1,598 more words

My Base Training Hack

It’s the time of the year again, where races are over and I have to think of what I want to do next year. Do I want to be faster? 346 more words



Preparing for the 400 km brevet , I was pretty sure , I would be at the finish line . I was about to face the reality , bang in the face. 2,665 more words


Basic Endurance Nutriton

Every cyclist knows and fears the bonk. A bonk happens, when there is no more usable glycogen left in your body. You have no energy left, wobbly feet, ride like a drunken sailor and feel a little bit dizzy. 484 more words


Are you a morning person?

As everyone else, I always hated to wake up and get to work. The thought of working hours for another person, just to see how much time is left on the day for myself, was terrible. 229 more words


The Lone Wolf

We all know, that there are different types of cyclists. And that’s the beauty of the sport. Riding style is an individual thing and it takes time, to get to know, what type of rider you are. 313 more words


2016 SFR Freestone Bread Run 200k


The start of this year’s Bread Run had to contend with the San Francisco Marathon and Off the Grid, so we didn’t get to assemble at the Toll Plaza, but we did get to negotiate across a stream of runners and take a slightly different approach to the bridge. 1,457 more words