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2016 SFR Orr Springs 600kNOT

fresh baked loaf

Well the title sorta gives away the ending, so I don’t spose it really ruins anything to say I hadn’t really planned to do this ride. 1,526 more words


2016 SFR Los Cabos Sueltos 200k

Another kindler gentler (than La Ruta) mixed terrain from Carlos, although this one is 200k rather than the Populaire length. There was a solid turnout of the usual suspects, and, after the benediction from the route designer himself, we rolled off into the silver morning from Crissy Field. 703 more words


2017 SFR Hopland 400k


the oath

Ohdarkthirty PLUS (or would that be minus, since it was earlier? I tried to think of it in the bonus! sense) since we’d signed up to help at the start for the… 1,511 more words


2016 SFR El Paseito Mixto Populaire

what a day for a bike ride!

Carlos, of La Ruta fame (or is that infamy?) has also concocted a kinder, gentler mixed terrain populaire – … 822 more words


2017 Flèche NorCal: Team BnB

I didn’t get the memo about new-style jersey

how many randos does it take…

Somehow I got talked into doing the Flèche again this year. Slow learner, I suppose. 2,268 more words


2017 Fresno Randonneurs Bass Lake Blossom Trail 300k

Millerton Lake Dam

RBA Lori Cherry has been hosting brevets in the Fresno area for a few years now. My first thought, when I heard she’d started a new region, was, “Fresno?” in a slightly incredulous tone with perhaps a smidge of disdain. 1,742 more words


2017 SFR Dart Populaire: Tandemonium

here’s the team!

rolling out through Davis

Although the last time I made it out on the event was a few years ago now and my stoker is no longer riding – not, as far as I know, anything I did – I was still on the team roster and got an invite for the Dart Populaire with Tandemonium. 1,342 more words