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2015 SFR Russian River 200k

Nicasio Reservoir

Hicks Valley Road

My big stretch/goal ride for 2015 was the SFR Shasta Mountains 1000k, which would be a multi-day extravaganza, so I figured I’d better do some riding-both-days-of-the-weekend sorta things to get some sort of prepardedness for the hey I just rode my bike a mildly inappropriate distance yesterday and here I am going to do it again today kinda thing. 772 more words


2015 SFR Del Puerto 200k (R12)

Photo tour version

This is a route I particularly enjoy, in fact I’d done it as a perm in the spring to see it under green(er) conditions. 871 more words


2016 DBC Lake Sonoma 400k ("R17")

Note: Again with the no pictures. Over the R60 thing, but I was still figuring it would be a speedy(er) ride, and, having done a couple of rides lately sans camera, realized that there are some nice things about one less thing to think about – both during the ride and then the processing afterwards. 2,240 more words


2016 DBC Cobb Mountain 300k ("R16")

Note: no pictures, as the primary objective for this ride was speedy. Which, I know, does not necessarily preclude pictures, but for me, on this ride, it did. 1,704 more words


Four Years.

Four years. I realized today that it’s been four years since I finished building up my Boulder Brevet and took her on that first inaugural ride. 498 more words

Vintage Bicycles

2016 SFR Healdsburg/Russian River 300k (Workers' Ride) ("R15"*)

EricW’s famous fresh loaf

over the Bridge

early morning from Sausalito

Camino Alto greeting the sun

Last year the RBAoA caught me at a weak moment, and I agreed to be Volunteer Coordinator for the SFR Healdsburg/Russian River 300k. 1,397 more words


A tale from my saddle: Part 2

As the first pangs of pain coursed through my nerves, the game began. It was like the confluence of two opposite streams of air, resulting into an unavoidable twister.

1,619 more words