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2018 SRR SonoMendo Coast 300k (Workers' Ride)

someone got the memo about what color the brevet card was going to be!

Mary and Eric

I’d quite enjoyed this ride last year, and was considering a reprise, although how it stacked up with other rides I wanted to do seemed a bit much, but then I was reminded of the possibility of a workers’ ride option the week before, and checked in with RBA Ryan to see if he still needed help for the event. 1,560 more words


Throwback to the Brevet Exams (Part 2)

This afternoon, the results of the Brevet exams will be announced. I’m sure that every student who took the exams is anxious, a bit worried and maybe hasn’t slept all night long (like I did at the time lol). 395 more words


2018 SFR Fort Bragg 600k (Workers' Ride)

Beautiful morning at Crissy Field

I didn’t remember the start being at Crissy Field, so either it had changed or that’s just another of the many fuzzy spots in my memory. 2,755 more words


The D.C. Randonneurs 2018 Shenandoah 600K

The DC Randonneurs chose the Shenandoah Valley route this year for the club’s 600-kilometer brevet, which has been one of our favorites in the past. 2,167 more words


2018 SFR Hopland 400k

I had done OK on getting sleep in the week leading up to the 400k, but wasn’t feeling particularly interactive at the start. Turnout was somewhere around fifty people, and it was nice to see and say ‘hi’ to folks, but I didn’t have the energy or interest to engage. 2,668 more words


Primele experimente în domeniul televiziunii

La 29 aprilie se marchează jubileul de 60 de ani ai Televiziunii Naționale. Biblioteca de Arte „T. Arghezi”organizează activități de promovare și informare despre campania publică de televiziune ca fiind parte componentă a patrimoniului cultural național. 1,171 more words

The Mother of All 300Ks

The first 300K brevet Mary and I rode together was the new Mother of All 300Ks, in 2005. It was the new ride for the D.C. 1,018 more words