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Pelso Brevet Review

I had one of the first Pelso Brevet builds in the UK as a loaner from Laid Back Bikes for a week or so and gave it a good test round the hills of the Borders. 6 more words

Bike Tech

2018 SFR El Paseito Mixto Populaire

there’s a bridge there, really

I very much wanted to go back to sleep when the alarm went off, but convinced myself that I would get to that point in the day where I would be glad I’d gotten up and was riding my bike, and have that “this was worth it” thought, so pulled myself up and away from the pillow. 1,126 more words


2018 SRR SonoMendo Coast 300k (Workers' Ride)

someone got the memo about what color the brevet card was going to be!

Mary and Eric

I’d quite enjoyed this ride last year, and was considering a reprise, although how it stacked up with other rides I wanted to do seemed a bit much, but then I was reminded of the possibility of a workers’ ride option the week before, and checked in with RBA Ryan to see if he still needed help for the event. 1,560 more words


Baby's first double century.

207km in 10 hours and 37 minutes.

I’ve just completed my first brevet. I’d be strutting right now if it weren’t so hot today. It was almost too hot yesterday. 746 more words

Outdoor Adventures

2018 Humboldt Randonneurs Unknown Coast 300kNot

What with the Colombia trip, and needing to prep for that, and other miscellaneous, I hadn’t done any big rides since the 600k. So I was trying to sell myself on being well rested. 3,096 more words


Throwback to the Brevet Exams (Part 2)

This afternoon, the results of the Brevet exams will be announced. I’m sure that every student who took the exams is anxious, a bit worried and maybe hasn’t slept all night long (like I did at the time lol). 395 more words