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18th December - Day 2 Utea Park to Ahipara and on to Broadwood

The following day we still had 30 kms of beach to go. High tide was at 11am … low at 4.30pm. Riding is advised only 3 hours before and 4 after low tide. 386 more words

December 17th - Day 1 Cape Reinga to Utea - my hardest ever day on a bike?

We loaded our bikes on back of Harrisons Cape Tours Bus at edge of town in Kaitaia.  Left at 9am. Of the 30 passengers on the bus, 4 were NZers. 295 more words

Bach interlude

J S Bach wrote…. “The true purpose of music is the glorification of God and the refreshment of the soul”.

Once when praised lavishly for his outstanding skill on the organ Bach replied. 75 more words

To Kaitaia - most northerly town in NZ

We had to use a luggage trolley to get the bike boxes from the hotel to the bus station. We paid the driver $20 extra to carry the two bike boxes. 133 more words

Afternoon in Auckland

After we checked in  at our hotel we bought a gas bottle matches which we could not carry on the plane. Visited Unity books and I bought a copy of “Compelling Reason” by C S Lewis. 67 more words

Bike box the bikes

Thursday afternoon. Check Youtube for how to pack our bikes into bike boxes. Start taking things off the bikes. Hope this will all go together again in Kaitaia! 264 more words

Final packing

Spent Wednesday getting various jobs done. Set my bike up for how it will be with all gear. Did a weigh in. My clothed weight = 78kg. 134 more words