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3 Concert Venues in San Luis Obispo

Hey everybody,

I know I have been doing a lot of talking about sitting in your room all day and listening to vinyl, among other pretentious activities, but today I want to shine some light on going out and actually seeing some live music. 698 more words


4A Coffee-Brookline, MA

After a pretty dull morning, my trip to 4A Coffee brightened my day.  I first tried a cafe au lait.  The first sip made my eyes widen.   150 more words


Bourbon Coffee- Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Bourbon Coffee, connected to Lesley University in Cambridge, has the feel of a Starbucks with slightly better coffee.  The drinks are nothing special, but if you are in the area and need caffeine it’ll do the trick.   96 more words


Mean and Green

As Courser of Kruphix did before, there are a few new cards from Dragons of Tarkir drawing me toward green. It’s certainly not unheard of for control to play green cards, but it’s also certainly not very common in the current Standard format. 703 more words


JC Beans - Dana Point, CA

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a good coffee shop is its ability to make you feel at home. If I don’t feel like I could kick back, have a good laugh and relax, then it might as well be a gas station where I would get something out of necessity, but not nostalgia. 399 more words


Fermentation update: exxxperimental hefeweizen

This is why you use a blow-off tube when your primary fermenter has very little headspace:

This was after one day of fermentation. At least the vigorous bubbling should keep any unsavoury critters and oxygen molecules out. 78 more words