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Kombucha. The MOTHER-load.

So, I have had quite a few friends ask about making Kombucha at home.  Even though there are plenty of blog posts already out there about this, I figured I would share my experience. 1,039 more words

How To Sound Like A Beer Expert

Ever go out with friends and not know what kind of beer you’re really ordering? You liked something, but you can’t remember if it was a lager, an ale, or an IPA? 408 more words


Time for a brew

My heart rate is normal once more and I think I’m able to walk to the kitchen, somehow I’d forgotten the insanity of turbo training interval workouts. 502 more words



I’m out of milk for coffee, and this is my last bag of green tea of unknown variety from Japan. So I decided to experiment. 106 more words


Vídeo - Envase BBQ Ale

Mais um vídeo Barbabrew, agora com o envase de nossa BBQ Ale, aquela brassagem que teve infusão de pimenta. o/



Tainted tea... you don't need to be a rocket scientist...

If you think about it, unless you’re one of those really lucky people or your job literally evolves around tea (take a look around my twitter, look for the mad hat man, these lucky people DO exist) then work is a bit of a chore. 600 more words