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SCOBY Dooby Do

My SCOBY grew! I started with 1Cup of commercial kombucha & added 1Cup of sweet tea. It took just over 2 weeks for this lil guy to form. 375 more words


Coffee, You are my Sunshine

If you’re anything like me, a good morning is not a good morning until there’s a full cup of coffee in my hand. Until coffee is running through my veins, I’m definitely not myself. 294 more words


Your Stimuli

All those who genuinely and consistently read me know that I write on myriad genres. Here is an erotic one.


I can tease you all you want! 283 more words


Brewed Thoughts - Nelson Mandela

Freedom can never be taken for granted. Each generation must safeguard it and extend it. Your parents and elders sacrificed much so that you should have freedom without suffering what they did.

16 more words

How To Make Coffee in Vietnam Without Being a Goddamned Foreigner About It

“I haven’t taken a shit in three days,” I said, watching my girlfriend’s face on the computer screen for any signs of compassion.

“That’s disgusting,” she said. 1,176 more words

Hoi An

Coffee brews

Those of you who follow my columns know that I share my adventures on the coffee trail on a regular basis.

On my SidewalkSuperBlog, I take those… 198 more words

Coffee House

Grind it, Brew it, Own it

All ideas are good ideas. They may not be perfect, but they are yours.

Grind it. Scrutinize, criticize, make it your own.

Brew it. Choose your style, do your best, let it flow.

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