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Fermentation continues: rye saison

Day 11. The beer tastes a bit more bitter and thinner, both signs of reduced sugar and continued fermentation. Sure enough, gravity has dropped to 1.014. 119 more words


Guide To 4 Pour Over Coffee Methods

You’ve seen the fleet of cones perched above soon-to-be exquisite single cups of coffee, and you’ve noticed the barista at the specialty coffee shop pouring water ever-so-carefully over those cones. 350 more words


Mint Green Tea for Weight Loss

Peacock Tea and Coffee Pty Ltd, established in 1966, is a South African company. I am a big supporter for Proudly South African products. These products are definitely up to standard and I will definitely be back for more. 275 more words


Three Cups Coffee

Hiding at one of the floors of the tranquil One Raffles Place is Three Cups Coffee. The cafe boasts of the recently becoming ambience fad that is vintage and quaint. 30 more words


Home Brew Beer Drinking Brewing Gift Young Mens TShirt Around

So if you’re really the kind of beer lover who loves to explore different beer flavors, you should really try brewing your own beer. A Mr. 381 more words

Fermentation - how much is enough?

What to do next with the rye saison? I’ve decided to hold off on blackberries, but I may have to take a chance of modifying the flavour anyway. 408 more words


The mystical black beans

Coffee has been a popular drink for ages. It is produced through a complex process which in itself is a product of a long period of development. 66 more words