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Beer Review: BrewDog Punk IPA

BrewDog out of Scotland have produced many beers in their time, going after all manner of styles and flavors. They are also known for their publicity and… 261 more words

Beer Review

Caps Aff

Let me start by explaining to any non-Scots or anyone unfamiliar with Scots, what “taps aff” means. “Taps aff, lads!” is the cry of the delighted Glaswegian on discovering the first warm, sunny day of the year. 752 more words


Brewdog's Recipes Dogged by Inconsistencies

A short while ago, the craft beer giants from Ellon, Scotland released upon the world every recipe they’d ever created. From their flagship beers to their esoteric small batches, all were included for homebrewers the world over to enjoy. 381 more words


What's it like to go to the BrewDog AGM? - an unofficial write-up of #brewdog #punkagm2016

Early in April 2016 I had the great experience of travelling up to Aberdeen and attending the BrewDog Punk AGM 2016, along with 6,000 other happy Equity for Punk shareholders at the UK’s largest Annual General Meeting. 3,768 more words


12 Month Appraisal

Twelve months ago, I was in the process of assembling a list of kit to embark on my home brew adventure. Here’s what I’ve came up with so far: 437 more words


Make mine a beer

I’ve never been a big beer drinker, I’ve always thought beer was just, well, beer?

Recently I have been shown the error of my ways and introduced to some pretty amazing brewery’s. 274 more words


Life in 7 Days

I thought I’d try something new and do a run down of my week. I might do this once a week, it will make sure I post regularly and it will also serve to show me how boring and unproductive my life is and inspire me to do that more that I keep talking about. 782 more words