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Patrick Stewart reviews a BrewDog beer

So, Patrick Stewart, BrewDog have teamed up with Weihenstephan to brew something called an India Pale Weizen.
Here’s what it looks like.

It takes a hefeweizen and tries to turn it into an IPA.   93 more words

Beer Review

Beavertown Takeover

One of the main barometers that gives me a good indication of the quality of the pub I’m drinking in is whether there’s a solid range of canned beers on show in its fridges. 581 more words

Craft Beer and Cold Turkey

I’m really into craft beers at the moment, my Brother works in a pubs and is insanely passionate about his job (to the point where sometimes I get a little snoozy when he talks!). 181 more words


Episode 5 - Question time - Round 1 - The Full Melon Experience

In this episode we take a break from the norm to answer some questions posed by an old school chum of Johns. www.brewgeekery.com/

Two inches of head… 233 more words


Meeting Brewdogs Black Russian

Flavour matching food with beer is something that is certainly on trend at the moment and for good reason. Beer is not just something to be taken in with salty snacks and pub grub, there is a beer for every meal or occasion be it sitting at home with a steak, eating seafood with friends or even when enjoying a luxurious, rich dessert. 544 more words

FYKI #28 // Hogyan kóstoljon egy borkedvelő - sört

A cikk eredetileg a Vinoport bormagazinban futó sorozatunkban jelent meg.

Apám nemrég elszántan közölte velem, hogy a sört inni kell, nem kóstolgatni. Ha mindent elhinnék neki, akkor ezt a cikket itt tulajdonképpen be is fejezhetném, de ugye a gyermek sorsa sokszor az, hogy szembeszálljon a szüleivel (majd végül megnyugodva konstatálja, hogy bármennyire is küzd, lassan olyan lesz, mint ők…). 1,232 more words