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Arabica and Robusta Beans

Any educated coffee connoisseur knows that the the most widely produced coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. The main difference between the two is the taste. 130 more words


The Coffee Belt

The region where coffee beans are grown has a major effect on the taste of your drip. The ideal conditions for Arabica beans to develop are high altitudes with rich soil, while… 111 more words


Light, Medium, Dark Roasts

Do not be that person who walks in a coffee shop asking for the “strongest coffee.” If you’re lucky the barista might ask if you’re referring to taste or caffeine level (yes there is a difference) and then school you on the basics of coffee. 242 more words


Coffee and Beyond: STEEP Coffee Bags and Chef Didier's Organic Jams and Leche Flan

I started loving coffee a couple of years back. Before, I didn’t bother drinking it on a daily basis and I only buy if it’s the cold one with cream. 674 more words


Fresh brewed at your table. - Cucina Tools’ ilFiltro Premium Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper (2cup).

I have definite coffee nuts in my home. They definitely prefer fresh brewed too. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get that, and especially if you travel and work. 536 more words

For The Kitchen

Parisian feels at Gontran Cherrier

Time to unwind and eat…again. Haha. It seems like in every one of my travels, food is always present. Besides, hanging out at a coffee shop make for one relaxing and filling break. 407 more words


(I'm) Craving the Coffee

You can tell by this article what has been on my mind recently. I gave up coffee for about 5-6 months and then one day my husband ordered a Starbucks while on a road trip. 846 more words