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7-11’s brewed coffee aroma is imprinted in my mind to translate to ‘meeting’ or more specifically, ‘pre-production meeting.’

I prefer my usual coffee mix at home (and only in the mornings) but another cup is needed when… 115 more words

The mystical black beans

Coffee has been a popular drink for ages. It is produced through a complex process which in itself is a product of a long period of development. 66 more words


The aroma and taste of Kopi "C" beng (iced coffee)

Singapore iced coffee is simply the best coffee in the whole world that I’ve tasted and in cheap price, the cost is SGD 1.20 only. It can find at any food court “hawker center”. 57 more words


Tips That Will Take Your Coffee Up A Notch!

Do you look forward to the delicious taste of coffee in the morning? People around the world do too. Do consistently purchase the same kind of coffee? 30 more words

Giving Compliments and A New Mug

I believe most of us are familiar with the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” In this case, our words can greatly affect another’s life. IN my planner, one of the creative overflows written there is to give compliments more often. 74 more words


What You Absolutely Must Know About Coffee

Many coffee drinkers have difficulty choosing between store-bought and home-brewed coffee. They must consider things like price, convenience, taste and more. You might also not know how to make it like they do at the cafe. 16 more words