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Boulevard Rye-On-Rye

Well I’ve always enjoyed Boulevard beers, especially their wonderful Smokestack Series.  Today it’s Rye-On-Rye, a deliciously spicy barrel aged creation!  This bottle is from 2013. 231 more words


Hats off to Avery Brewing for supporting Homebrewers!

The link says it all

Avery Brewing Homebrew Recipes

Is that friggin’ cool or what?

Next time I go to Gabriel’s I’m going to pick up some Avery and review it here.

Cheers to Avery Brewing!


Quality over Quantity: Pliny The Elder / Pliny the younger

I admit I’ve never had Pliny the Younger.  But I’ve had plenty of Pliny the Elder.  It’s friggin’ amazing!

Great Documentary on the Russian River Brewing company:


Avery India Pale Ale

Having a nice brew right now, Avery IPA.

It’s a pretty tasty IPA.

Tan and quite clear with a very nice white foamy head and great lacing. 92 more words


Sam Adams Double Agent IPL

I picked up a mixer twelve pack from Sam Adams today.  I love that they do these mixed 12-packs.  You get a chance to try seasonal beers, and to enjoy some Boston Lager (always two of them in any mixed pack).  171 more words


Breckenridge Small Batch 471 IPA

One of my favorites from Breckenridge Brewery, 471 IPA is a nice IIPA/Imperial double.  Coming in at 9.2%, it’s got some kick too!

Light orange in color and almost clear. 140 more words