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Day 5: Scryer's Throne

Day five was a beer to remember. Guess what? I visited another Seattle brewery. Holy Mountain. I went in, perused the menu (which took quite a minute-so much information on their beer list), and said, “I’ll take the Scryer’s Throne.” I thought to myself… 303 more words

Homebrew Goals For 2017

Inspired by this great post I thought it would be good to set myself some homebrewing goals for the upcoming year to keep me on track and improve as much as possible. 344 more words


Craft Brewing in Somerset

I recently headed to Cotleigh brewery in Wiveliscombe, where I discovered a fascinating 35 year history of brewing excellence and a brand fit for the future… My piece was published by Somerset Life, one of my regular clients, you can read it below (click for larger text). 6 more words


Equipment Purchased!

Ok, so I may have given the impression that this would be my first ever foray into brewing beer at home.  This isn’t exactly  true, I have dipped my toe in a couple of times before, but not for a while and with extremely mixed results (including over sugared bottles of cider exploding in a cupboard!) 249 more words


Ale review: Gun Brewery Red Ale

A while since I’ve knowingly had a vegan beer. For anyone wondering, it means the beer has no fining agent (containing fish traces) added, making it naturally hazy. 79 more words

The comparison!

It’s January 2017 and it is whizzing past at a furious rate although it is more likely that I am just so busy I haven’t had time to stop and take note of the passage of time. 123 more words