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The "About Us" Post

Our names are Danica and Patrick and we like beer so we decided to make it.

The journey here has been a pretty typical one: couple meets in college, discovers and finds passion in the world of good, local beer and decides to make it a hobby.   43 more words



Finally, after waiting a week we were ready to keg both our elderberry Kolsch and our Imperial IPA.  We cleaned the five gallon kegs, ran water with cleaner through the lines of the… 311 more words

The Left Field Brewery, Toronto: Hits it Big time

The Left Field Brewery of Toronto has come out swinging for the fences with beers such as Resin Bag, 6.9 percent abv and 50 IBUs, an American style IPA. 293 more words


The First Wort Hop Effect | exBEERiment Results!

Listen to a discussion about this xBmt recorded live at NHC 2015 on Basic Brewing Radio:

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First wort hopping (FWH) refers to a brewing practice wherein hops, usually those typically used as aroma additions, are added to the kettle  1,505 more words

Home Brew

Home Brewing in Sacramento: Create Your Version of Your Favorite Beers

Craft brewers have a community all their own. Members enjoy discussing brewing techniques and swapping recipes, and are only too happy to share some tips and secrets with everybody else. 125 more words

Cream Ale Bubbling

I brewed a cream ale extract kit earlier this week. Sometimes you just gotta brew to scratch an itch and this worked for me. No grains to steep, no mash-in, just hops and malt and for only 40 minutes. 111 more words

Beer Stuff

Maximize Your California Brewing Supplies by Avoiding These Mistakes

More and more Americans are brewing their own beer. With local Sacramento brewing supplies dealers like The Brewmeister offering beginner kits to aspiring home brewers, it’s never been easier to get into the hobby. 92 more words