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Amsterdam Day 2- Queuing and Brewing

Day two in Amsterdam, this was still a fun day out but it was also very frustrating. A day of good intentions and plans that unfortunately went out of the window due to the weather and the fact that the phrase ‘fast track’ is a very loose term in the Netherlands. 855 more words


IPA with Vermont ale yeast brewday

Here we have some pictures  and  videos from the brew day, went really smooth and quite quickly.
Iv’e started to recalculate a lot less, say 3-4 liters and then i open the ball valve full and start to drain the mash tun quite quickly. 132 more words


Home-brewing and wine making can be interesting and fun hobbies, but they can also be a little intimidating until you’ve been exposed to doing it yourself. 1,325 more words


An attempt at boring 

Challenged by my wife, who may at the time have been particularly bored of my many monologues about how great all the varieties of grain and hops are in the current craft beer explosion, I’m attempting something boring. 274 more words


The set-up

So what kit did I get? Well, I am essentially brewing in a big saucepan (£14 worth of saucepan to be precise). In all, my initial purchases were: 60 more words