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Brew Day: Rye Pale Ale

It’s Football season (finally) and what does Football season call for? Session beers. Nothing beats getting our sloth on and vegging out for 7 hours with friends and some beers while watching the games. 677 more words


7 Deadly Sins of Brewing

Brewing coffee is a science; an artful science. And with so many different brewing methods, you can easily go from right to oh-so-wrong. Some of these sins might not seem like mistakes, but can truly make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee. 389 more words


Brewer admits he uses non-screwtop lids on his beers to provide illusion of quality

A local brewer, named Shayne, has admitted to friends that he only puts non-screwtop lids on the beers he produces because people assume that makes them of a higher quality, plus he can then charge more for them. 222 more words


Why Sometimes it’s Better to be ‘Savvy’ Than ‘Smart’

Don’t let this savvy/smart sounding title fool you – I hardly consider myself to be either ideal here, but even an average Joe finds the right answer once in awhile. 825 more words

Episode #4: Barn Owl Malt (Belleville, ON)

Kathy chats with Devin Huffman from Barn Owl Malt, on the joys and tribulations of floor malting. (Disclaimer: there is no joy. Ok maybe some.) 7 more words


Emmer in Antiquity

For this week’s Classical text, I include a non-exhaustive list of Greco-Roman references to emmer. This serves to complement the ongoing HBW series, brewing ancient grains – emmer beer is currently on deck ( 569 more words


Helio Basin Brewpub

My husband and I spent two days in Arizona over MLK day weekend, and landed at Helio Basin Brewpub with a local friend who recommended it. 206 more words