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Not tasting but drinking...

I drink a lot of beer. Or rather I ‘taste’ a lot of beer – or that’s what I like to say when I’m trying to portray a professional image. 1,148 more words


China Royal Jasmine Curls Green Tea: What It Is and How to Brew It


China Royal Jasmine Curls—the name alone suggests that this is an exquisite tea!

This specialty green tea, unique to China, is made with time-honored traditions. 282 more words


Zann Makes Beer

I got into homebrewing in early university, in response to the Classic Student Dilemma.

My hope was that home brewing could fill the magical reuleaux triangle… 1,363 more words


The Decision

Guys and gals! I’m back with another Dystopia Rising piece based on the events of the past game I went to. As always, my character is the main character in this piece (in this case, an Unborn known most commonly as She) but the world is the creation of the people at Eschaton Media and the other characters are the creations of the other amazing players who partake in this world. 1,197 more words


Frivolous Lawsuit Against Walmart Alleges Private Label / Contract Beer Made at Larger Facility Can’t Be Craft

In what’s certain to raise the ire of many private labelers and contract brewers around the country who benefit from the expertise, skill, and equipment available at commercial breweries Walmart has been tagged with a private labeling “crafty” suit in Ohio.   639 more words


By Andy Boone

A rare shipment of Korean tea has finally arrived at Happy Lucky’s! Opening the bags for the first time, deep aromas permeate into the nose. 593 more words