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Coffee, Nectar of the Gods

There is an old joke that God created the heavens and the earth out of necessity but that when he created peanut butter, he was showing off. 1,615 more words

Mixed Nuts

Green Hop Challenge

My lack of posts of late has not been due to lack of brew/cook/garden/science goodness. Oh no, I got married! Turns out weddings are quite a bit of work, especially when you have this as a venue: 646 more words


Brew day

Brew day today, and while the boil continues, I’m musing on my recent brewing and wondering what to do next. I thought I’d come to the end of the planned brews and looking back to my last… 331 more words

Drinking Tea with the Farmers

In buying directly from farmers, we were invited to drink tea with them.

Everybody has a different style of gong fu tea brewing, here is a version that is close to what we experienced in the tea mountains. 538 more words


New York, New York...

Let’s talk about beer. An age old drink that has evolved in taste, texture, and method over the past centuries. Beer is fascinating; the complexity of tastes that can be found, the dozens of varieties, and how it can be made in micro batches, home brewed, or large scale production. 616 more words


Brew #1 Parsnip, Cucumber Wheat

So beer number was decided quite some time ago. I wanted to do a Parsnip Cucumber Ale. However, my disrespect of the process and scoffs at Husband trying to get a recipe out of me resulted in Parsnip Cucumber Wheat Beer…with American Yeast. 1,192 more words