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Cyclists Really Are Morally Superior

There’s a reason cyclists are so smug – they really are better than you. That’s the finding of a two-year qualitative study by the Brewster Center for Eco-Alternatives. 206 more words

Royally bored

Though most Brewster students have been invited to the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton, few are attending.

“Yes, Chuck and Camilla invited me to the after party. 207 more words

Russell grows more insufferable as book sales mount

W.H. Russell sat grinning obnoxiously and ordering Modelos and nachos for all the patrons of a popular Brewster eatery.  “I’m a local bestselling author,” crowed Russell. 106 more words

First International Conference on Lady Gaga Studies Slated for Brewster

From Dada to Gaga: Beyond Meaning, an international conference on the cultural impact of Lady Gaga, will be held at Brewster University on December 6, 2010. 94 more words

Brewster prepares leaders, not workers

Director of Career Services Anthony Greene responded to a recent Wall Street Journal article alleging that employers prefer graduates of state universities to those from the Ivy League. 146 more words

Top University students allow townie kids to gaze at them

A new mentoring program will pair Brewster University students with students from the low-performing Roger Sherman Elementary School. While traditional mentoring programs have a strong academic component, the innovative Connect to Success focuses on the social. 135 more words

Piece of S*** Center Opens at Brewster

Today Brewster University opened its Piece of S*** Center showcasing undergraduate art. The inaugural show features an installation of Pokemon cards and feminine hygiene products called “Gotta Catch It All” by sophomore Heather French; a recreation of DaVinci’s Last Supper in sticky notes called “Thurs. 140 more words