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Wolchover – The missing mandate

Over the past several months a number of attempts have been made to stop Brexit using a legal challenge. They have all relied on aspects of David Wolchover’s comprehensive article:  “False Mantra of the “People’s Will” – The Case of the Missing Mandate” 737 more words


The Moggcast: Nineteen

Beware “ridiculously inflated” rebellion predictions, Jacob Rees-Mogg warns – the deal vote “will be close”. His thoughts on Carney’s “improper” rule at the Bank of England. 7 more words


The morning after the vote that wasn’t…

By Alex de Ruyter and David Hearne, Centre for Brexit Studies

There was never any real question over whether the parliamentary vote was going to be lost. 912 more words


Exasperated U.K. lawmaker breaks one of Parliament's oldest rules by seizing ceremonial mace

Here is @lloyd_rm grabbing the mace just now pic.twitter.com/SEUEWz5w3F

— Daniel Kraemer (@dcakraemer) December 10, 2018

It was all so calm, so British.

But when a Labour lawmaker picked up the mace in the House of Commons on Monday evening to protest Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to put off a Parliamentary defeat for her Brexit deal, he was making a statement with revolutionary echoes in more than 300 years of British history.

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What on earth..

I cant help but wonder how on earth I got to this point but for the first time since I became elible to vote, if an election was called I  dont think I’d bother. 698 more words

Toadies Galore

There once was a time in the past
When jobs like PM were a blast
With toadies galore
And laws you’d ignore
While scheming, all foes, to outlast… 1,167 more words