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Songs for June

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a great first part of summer. Here are my jams for this month.

No Room for Frame by Death Cab for Cutie — Do you ever listen to a song or an album, become obsessed with it, and then forget about it, only to rediscover it x amount of time later and ask yourself why you ever stopped listening? 220 more words


I make bad decisions

I’m an intelligent person.

I make really bad decisions when it comes to men.

I date losers who are going nowhere in life, even though ambition and purpose are important to me. 101 more words

The Beginning of a New Journey (long post!!)

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since my last blog entry. I’m not going to make up any excuses, although I could! 2,646 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge: DAY 2

Write Something That Someone Told You About Yourself That You Never Forgot

Phew that was a mouthful! I can think of one thing someone told me that gave me butterflies in my stomach the first time I heard it. 280 more words


Bribri & Grace【摸透透彩妝實驗室】炎夏的莓果冰棒

上週 Grace和BriBri的舞團Lonely Taipei(註1)應政大熱舞社的邀請返校表演(罐頭歡呼聲woohoo)

此隻舞碼是about——— 摘取甜美戀愛果實 37 more words


So, this is happening and I CAN'T WAIT

A Lifetime movie making fun of Lifetime movies, starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig?

Have I died and somehow Heaven said, “LOL, sure, why not?” 77 more words

A Letter.


So, I’m not really sure of where to begin with all of this. There are a lot of thoughts going through my mind when it comes to you, especially right now, when I am longing for your presence more than ever. 575 more words