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From the Battlefield to the Bedroom

This is going to be a very transparent post. I’m going to talk through some things and idea that have been on my mind; I know that there is no one on earth that I would rather share these thoughts with than you three, so read if you want. 784 more words

Mengulas Strategi 3 Bank Terbesar di Indonesia

Perbankan memiliki peran sentral bagi perekonomian Indonesia, mulai dari menyediakan pembiayaan bagi sektor usaha, menyediakan sistem pembayaran dan transaksi yang transparan dan efisien, serta menyediakan alternatif penyimpanan dana dan investasi. 874 more words


Goals Update


  • I will thank my parents once a month for all they do (Done for January)
  • I will text both my sisters once a week (Good with Alexa, but I should reach out to Anika more)
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The Sickest Mixedtape of 1997-2016

The soundtrack to my life would definitely not be a cohesive genre or type of music. It eclectic, and odd. Certain moments are characterized by songs, and particular aspects of who I am and the life that I live can be best expressed through the bars of a music sheet. 737 more words

Where Digital Brands Succeed (And Surprisingly Fail) at Brand Relevance

What makes a brand great? Some lists of the most “valuable” brands base the rankings on financial statements. These lists weight heavily toward large, global brands that spend a lot on advertising. 63 more words


All About Bri

If you’re actually reading this, I’m very excited to have some readers of my amateur attempt of a blog. I feel it’s necessary to introduce myself so you have somewhat of an idea of who I am and what I will likely write about. 84 more words


Snapshots of Bliss

I am beyond blessed. Life brings me joy. Not many people can say that or apply that belief to their life. But I can. My friends and family bring me happiness in every way possible. 783 more words