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Where to begin if you're a Wonder Woman comic book newbie (no shame in it!)

I have a confession to make.

Before DC’s “Wonder Woman” movie, I wasn’t really a fan of the Amazon warrior princess.

As a kid, growing up in the ‘80s, I played with Wonder Woman action figures and was familiar with the campy, 1975 television series, starring Lynda Carter. 938 more words

Review: The Dark Knight Master Race 3


When it was announce that Frank Miller was back with a Batman story I was skeptical because I was not a fan of All Star Batman and Robin, and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. 268 more words

Moonshine: Vol 1 Review: Gangsters And Gore Galore

In the comic industry, there are certain teams who create magic together. Whether it’s Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, or Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, you know you can expect greatness. 509 more words


Bea’s Reviews: Hellblazer: Ashes & Dust: In The City Of Angels (#170 – 174, 2002)

First thing is first, this review is going to contain a few explicit details pertaining to illustrated sex, violence and general unsavory themes, so if you are sensitive to these things, please turn back now. 1,093 more words

Back Issue Review - Superman: For Tomorrow

Superman: For Tomorrow (Superman vol 2 #204-215)
The Better DC Comics Big Two Jim Lee Story

In 2002 Jim Lee joined forces with Jeph Loeb to write one of the best early aughts Batman stories.  627 more words


Wonder Woman

My previous run-ins with Wonder Woman have been brief. I think she was occasionally on some TV show that aired on Cartoon Network when I was younger, so I know the basics: Invisible jet, Lasso of Truth, cool ass Bracelets, Justice League, Amazon. 516 more words


Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9 Review

Like a body bleeding out on the floor, this series is coming to an end. Will it make sense? Will it have been worth the wait? 621 more words