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Wonder Woman One Shot

Been reading a lot of Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman lately, ill probably use this illustration somewhere else but i finished her first.



I’ve just spent a few days watching Constantine’s first (and only?) series. Over the years, I have dipped in and out of the comics, so I know the basics. 717 more words


SimonpaddyPicks Top 10 comics for comic movie fans (or people who know a bit about the characters, but nothing about the comics) [Part 2]

Once you’ve got through the first half these items should settle you in a bit further.

  • CIVIL WAR by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven – I’m sure this will be getting way more attention in the run up to Captain America 3 which shares the title of this event.
  • 289 more words

Ideal 52 #14: Wonder Woman


Amazonian royalty, Goddess of War, and superheroine… and she deals with them all

Key Characters:

Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Hippolyta


Revealing she’s not clay brought to life but the living daughter of Zeus was one major change that came from the pen of Brian Azzarello, and making her Goddess of War in the aftermath only put Wonder Woman into new ground as a character. 430 more words


'Future's End' Writers Dan Jurgens & Keith Giffen

The last time we interviewed Dan Jurgens and one of his The New 52: Future’s End co-writers, Green Arrow got himself killed. This time we’ve swapped… 2,523 more words


The New 52

Back when I started my blog I wanted to do a post about DC Comics The New 52 and somewhere along the line I completely forgot about it so I guess it’s better late than never. 734 more words


Arthouse Converter's Top Comics of 2014

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Batman Beyond 
  3. Spidey-Verse
  4. Night of Owls
  5. Saga
  6. Fantastic Four: Doomed
  1. Wonder Woman, Vol. 4: War is by Brian Azzarello of Joker, (2008) fame. He knows books.
  2. 95 more words