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Day 235 - Early to bed and early to rise

Day 235 – Nov 8th

My grandad is no longer with us any more, but I have some wonderful memories of him from when I was growing up, and always remember how he used to say the one particular phrase to me “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. 418 more words

365 Project

Brian Blessed tells a worried Phil Schofield about the time female gorillas tried to get a look at this penis

Oh Brian Blessed.

The mouthy actor and writer regaled the This Morning hosts with tales of his times with wild animals in promoting his new book, and he had those producers sweating in their ear pieces with his unpredictable plot twists. 466 more words


The Other Palace: Eugenius Full-Scale Production

After a successful debut concert performance at the London Palladium last year, Warwick Davis and Kevin Wood are delighted to announce the full-scale production of the British cult musical  223 more words

I just want a walk on part in the movie of my life.

Ray Winstone is auditioning to play me
in the movie about my life.
He says, ” I was drawn to the part as
I want to ditch my hard man image… 158 more words


Film review - Flash Gordon (Mike Hodges, 1980)

Where’s he got that leotard from? Why doesn’t he just sleep with the alien girl? Why is he so dedicated to the earth girl when they’ve know each other ten minutes? 453 more words

Film Review

In defence of Prince Charles

Right, to lay out my position on the Royals. I’m pretty much neutral. I won’t be bending the knee anytime soon, but I’m not calling for us to wheel out the guillotine. 830 more words


The bastard lovechild of Brian Blessed

So did that get your attention? This is a man who attempted alchemy to make gold, when that didn’t succeed he tried to become a supervillain, eyepatch and all, and now, still with gold in mind, this year he’s back in Edinburgh recruiting for an expedition to find El Dorado. 340 more words