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Give us a kiss!

Has anybody seen those appalling posters on Facebook about the wonders of being British? Something along the lines of how we’d rather walk a mile in tight shoes than complain about our restaurant food, or how we’d probably describe a nuclear strike as a ‘bit warm’? 686 more words


Why October 8 is Super Thursday

Thursday October 8 will be 2015’s Super Thursday for book when a staggering 503 new hardback titles are released in the UK. 79 more words


I Don't Like This Game

She said as much every time that they played.

“I don’t like this game.” See? She said it again, ergo they must be playing and they were. 497 more words


The Second Doctor – Brian Blessed (1966-1969)

Profile: Crashing to Earth in 1966, the Second Doctor was a loud and bombastic piratical buccaneer, vastly different from his predecessor. Together with new companions Penny and Ben, he was a much more active and physical incarnation, in his own words deciding that there was evil that must be fought rather than simply observed. 245 more words

Weekly Shakespeare Quote - 30 July 2015

One of all my all time favorite Shakespeare speeches is pretty kick-ass, and plays wonderfully even today, 400 years later. It’s a speech actors love to sink their teeth into (it’s not a true monologue since there’s some interjections from another character, and it’s not a soliloquy, but it’s still a hell of a thing). 790 more words

The macabre world of Dahl: 'Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected' - Series 1

Recently I was in a store and noticed a new DVD of the BBC production of ‘Esio Trot‘, starring Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman. 687 more words


Nerd Metal Fridays: Manowar

So this week we are throwing things back to what is pretty much the ur power metal band. With a string of bombastic tunes supporting high fantasy and Norse mythology derived lyrics, Manowar inspired an entire generation of socially-awkward young men to paint their conversion vans with bad fake Frank Frazetta murals. 342 more words