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Brian Blessed
He deserves his name.

A3 CYGNUS ALPHA (and a bit about barren rocky landscapes.)

The generic sci-fi quarry.  Where would we be without it?    But where would you look when deciding what a planet might look like?  The answer was usually wherever was closest to us.   4,438 more words

PTS 02/013: The Force is strong in you, young Skywalker

subtitled:  The Middle Child, and Darth Vader

It seems an eternity since that I fell into this play, full of fears for my adopted country, and so it has been. 1,212 more words

Richard III

PTS 02/011: Small curs are not regarded when they grin

Henry VI part II: Act III

‘Small curs are not regarded when they grin’ (QUEEN MARGARET III.i.18)

Act III starts where Act II left off: the smell of blood in the water; fins thrashing as a pack of ruthless hunters circle our hapless king; bites being taken from the already-doomed Gloucester.

1,086 more words
Richard III

52. Shit Trivia Podcast

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Ben and Mark welcome host of the I Hate Doctor Who podcast, Richie Morgan into an echoey Edinburgh basement to discuss our darker selves, death and unconvincing realities via Amy’s Choice/Mindwarp/The Ultimate Foe. 68 more words

Doctor Who

The 101 Project 017/101 - Flash Gordon

the 101 project is well under way now with boards being completed all the time. This post is about Flash Gordon.

Flash Gordon began life as comic book in the 1930s, designed to compete with Buck Rogers. 188 more words

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