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Why journalists must report other journalists failures - Brian Cathcart

Helen Lewis has published a piece mocking those who complain when events they consider important are not reported. She lists trivial mishaps – milk stolen from the fridge / the air conditioning isn’t working / a stubbed toe – and feigns outrage that the Murdoch press or the publicly-funded BBC refused to report them.  544 more words


Mainstream news media have earned the distrust they complain of - Brian Cathcart

‘Can you trust the mainstream media?’ asks the very mainstream Observer in a 5,000-word analysis by Andrew Harrison, and then it supplies the answer, pretty resoundingly: ‘Yes, you can!’ 1,310 more words

Media Regulation

Newspapers how near is the end? - Brian Cathcart

Print newspapers are doomed and we all know it. The future is digital – online, on-mobile, on-whatever-comes-along – and the morning paper that has been a feature of British life for more than two centuries is heading for oblivion. 1,676 more words


The Tories hand the press their get-out-of-jail-free card - Brian Cathcart

The Conservative election manifesto  reveals with absolute clarity the depth of Theresa May’s subservience to the billionaire-owned, Brexit-backing corporate national press. 462 more words

Media Regulation

Three questions about the media that politicians must be asked - Brian Cathcart

There is near-silence about the future of the media in this election, yet the winners must take momentous decisions about broadcasting and the press. 487 more words


Press accuracy and the election: what IPSO won’t do - Brian Cathcart

Here are five things that IPSO, the chosen regulator of the corporate press, could do right now, before election campaigning gets under way: 474 more words

Media Regulation