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Trust in print journalism: it's low and that matters - Brian Cathcart

Few subjects are more certain to trigger a reflex of denial in national newspaper journalists than trust, and in particular the strong evidence that most people do not trust them to tell the truth. 757 more words


Boris Johnson says 'Stop Funding Hate' is working - Brian Cathcart

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has published an article in the Sun claiming that Stop Funding Hate is a threat to free speech. Here is what he wrote, with comments in italics.  1,291 more words


IPSO, Trevor Kavanagh and a licence to abuse minorities - Brian Cathcart

However low our opinion of IPSO may be, we have to accept that some of those who have supported it, engaged with it and even worked for it have done so for sincere and honest reasons. 1,042 more words

Media Regulation

"Murderers": of myths, Macpherson and the Daily Mail - Brian Cathcart

As we approach the 25th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder, it’s time to critically assess whether the Daily Mail really played the pivotal and progressive role it likes to claim in the case, and its impact on Britain’s race relations. 1,876 more words


Leveson: Karen Bradley gets it wrong five times - Brian Cathcart

The Media Secretary, Karen Bradley, told the Commons Media Select Committee this week that she will announce the long-overdue outcome of her consultation on Section 40 and Leveson Part Two ‘shortly’ – hinting it would be in the next few weeks. 1,205 more words

Media Regulation

Murdoch paper makes the case for Leveson Part 2 - Brian Cathcart

Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times has got itself into a revealing tangle about Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry, accidentally demonstrating why the case for it is so strong even though company policy is to oppose it. 763 more words

Leveson Inquiry