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The Sun, Rebekah Brooks and a Rampage of Unethical Conduct - Brian Cathcart

That was a bad week for the Sun. First the Hillsborough verdict removed the last shred of doubt that the paper’s infamous ‘The Truth’ front page report on the disaster was entirely untrue. 1,288 more words


Cameron, the Press and a Conspiracy to Make You Forget - Brian Cathcart

How good is your memory? Does it stretch back to 2013? Or perhaps 2011? Right now, David Cameron is hoping it doesn’t. In those years he made a lot of promises that are no longer convenient for him, so he would prefer you forgot them. 1,378 more words

Media Regulation

The Sun and IPSO: It's obvious who is the boss - Brian Cathcart

Once again Rupert Murdoch’s Sun has lost a case before IPSO and once again the so called regulator has let the paper off with a slap on the wrist. 1,050 more words

Media Regulation

An "External Review" for IPSO? We've heard that one before - Brian Cathcart

The more that IPSO struggles to appear different from the discredited Press Complaints Commission (PCC) it is supposed to replace, the more it reveals itself to be just the same.  455 more words


IPSO fails the test - Brian Cathcart

How do we know when is press regulation good enough? The question is topical because IPSO, the self-regulator established by the big corporate newspapers, has been trying lately to persuade us it can be trusted to do its job. 964 more words

Leveson Inquiry

The Headline that wasn't: impotent IPSO bows to the Sun - Brian Cathcart

Two brief paragraphs written by the chair of IPSO have given us a clear insight into the power relationship between the so-called ‘toughest regulator anywhere in the developed world’ 904 more words


Leveson is happening at last: good news for everyone and a great opportunity for journalism - Brian Cathcart

It has been a long time coming, but the first of the big reforms recommended by the Leveson Inquiry is finally going to happen, and that is good news for all of us because it means greatly enhanced access to justice in some cases where our legal rights may have been breached. 1,121 more words

Leveson Inquiry