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Keith Vaz, an outbreak of morality? Pull the other one - Brian Cathcart

Picture this. You are in the newsroom of a tabloid national paper and a reporter has just rushed up to the editor.

Reporter – ’Boss! I have shocking news. 893 more words


ITN’s complaint to IPSO over hijab article is a waste of time - Brian Cathcart

ITN and the Channel 4 News reporter Fatima Manji have joined many others in complaining to IPSO about Kelvin MacKenzie’s crass remarks about Ms Manji wearing a hijab during reports of the Nice outrage. 383 more words

Media Regulation

Should IPSO investigate the Sun? Of course, but it won't - Brian Cathcart

When the editor of a national newspaper announces that, having been found guilty by his regulator of misleading his readers, he is perfectly ready to mislead them again in exactly the same way, there can be no doubt that he is defying the authority of the regulator. 901 more words


Another one-eyed fable from the corporate press - Brian Cathcart

The corporate papers that are determined to resist Leveson-based reform are currently playing what they evidently consider to be their strongest card, and it is this: “ 698 more words


The Sun, Rebekah Brooks and a Rampage of Unethical Conduct - Brian Cathcart

That was a bad week for the Sun. First the Hillsborough verdict removed the last shred of doubt that the paper’s infamous ‘The Truth’ front page report on the disaster was entirely untrue. 1,288 more words


Cameron, the Press and a Conspiracy to Make You Forget - Brian Cathcart

How good is your memory? Does it stretch back to 2013? Or perhaps 2011? Right now, David Cameron is hoping it doesn’t. In those years he made a lot of promises that are no longer convenient for him, so he would prefer you forgot them. 1,378 more words

Media Regulation

The Sun and IPSO: It's obvious who is the boss - Brian Cathcart

Once again Rupert Murdoch’s Sun has lost a case before IPSO and once again the so called regulator has let the paper off with a slap on the wrist. 1,050 more words

Media Regulation