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The Editor's Code and the General Election - Brian Cathcart

If you ever doubt that the people who run our corporate national press view the British public with contempt, take a look at Clause 1(iii) of their… 573 more words

Media Regulation

Elveden and the merits of independent scrutiny - Brian Cathcart

Leader writers and columnists are delighted that charges have been dropped against a number of journalists caught up in the Operation Eleven corrupt payment investigation, following earlier acquittals in similar cases. 407 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Ten Instant Myths Created by the Press About 'The Sun' and Corruption - Brian Cathcart

After the acquittal of a number of journalists accused of corrupting public officials and the dropping of charges against others, the corporate national press ( 1,532 more words


The fly in the cathedral. Brian Cathcart

It’s a metaphor: the nucleus of the atom bears (roughly) the same relationship to the size of the atom that a fly does to the cathedral in which it buzzes around. 477 more words


Sir Alan Moses shows whose side he is on - Brian Cathcart

The chair of IPSO, the self-regulator set up by the big newspaper companies, delivered a lecture  last week at the London School of Economics on the future of press regulation. 1,558 more words

Leveson Inquiry

How decent self-regulation could help prevent the kind of problems that forced Peter Oborne out of the Telegraph - Brian Cathcart

When newspapers hide the truth from their readers to avoid displeasing advertisers, as Peter Oborne alleges the Telegraph has done, they are not breaching the Editors’ Code of Practice. 617 more words

Leveson Inquiry