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The Tories hand the press their get-out-of-jail-free card - Brian Cathcart

The Conservative election manifesto  reveals with absolute clarity the depth of Theresa May’s subservience to the billionaire-owned, Brexit-backing corporate national press. 462 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Three questions about the media that politicians must be asked - Brian Cathcart

There is near-silence about the future of the media in this election, yet the winners must take momentous decisions about broadcasting and the press. 487 more words


Press accuracy and the election: what IPSO won’t do - Brian Cathcart

Here are five things that IPSO, the chosen regulator of the corporate press, could do right now, before election campaigning gets under way: 474 more words

Media Regulation

With 'no-win-no-fee' deals harder to get in libel cases, government must choose whether to back the corporate press or the ordinary citizen - Brian Cathcart

The Supreme Court has dismissed appeals brought by the Murdoch, Mail and Mirror newspaper companies in relation to costs they must pay in libel and privacy cases they have lost – but at the same time the judges have thrown the future of access to justice in such cases into the lap of the government. 489 more words


Press companies ask Supreme Court to ensure only millionaires can sue them - Brian Cathcart

Sometimes, even after all these years of press lies and hypocrisy, the shamelessness of the big British newspaper companies can still take the breath away. Last week lawyers for the Murdoch, Mirror and Mail papers complained to the Supreme Court that costs in some media cases amounted to a ‘legal casino’ in which the bills could be so high that there was a ‘chilling effect’ on journalism. 713 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Theresa May, the press and a lesson from history - Brian Cathcart

One of the decisions that Theresa May must make in the next few weeks will define her as a prime minister – and it is not about Brexit. 1,031 more words

Media Regulation