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And Soon the Darkness (1970) - Tuesday’s Overlooked Movie

Made on location in the  Loire Valley in France, this 99-minute thriller takes a simple, stripped down  concept – two people on a biking holiday become isolated and fear they are being stalked by a killer –  and then stretches and squeezes it to extract the maximum amount of suspense. 865 more words

Tuesday's Overlooked Film

The Curse of Simba/Curse of the Voodoo/Voodoo Blood Death (1965)

‘Chill to the living terror of tortuous death!’

A mysterious African tribe get rather peeved at a big game hunter who kills one of their sacred lions when on safari. 775 more words

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Blind Terror (1971) - Tuesday's Overlooked Film

News of a possible remake (see here) made me to look again at this suspenser in which Mia Farrow plays the resourceful heroine on the run from a killer.  907 more words

Tuesday's Overlooked Film

Highlander II: The Quickening (1991, Russell Mulcahy)

Highlander II: The Quickening has had a reputation as a sequel disaster since its release. Outside of “Starlog” write-ups, did anyone ever pretend to be excited about this film? 533 more words


Review: The Edge of Darkness, Chellaston Players

If you are off to watch a thriller called The Edge of Darkness you pretty much know what to expect. A remote house, maybe set near a cliff, a mysterious stranger at the door and a charming but bumbling maid. 374 more words