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Brian Clemens - The Professional

Brian Clemens is dead.  I only just spotted that on the BBC News website.  To be fair, a lot of people won’t even know who he was.  632 more words


Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter 1974

Long before it even crossed Abraham Lincoln’s mind, Captain Kronos was the go-to guy for Vampire Hunting. In 1974, Hammer was seeking to reinvigorate its flagging box-office, so Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee took a back seat and writer/director Brian Clements (The Avengers) was given the chance to create a fresh new franchise. 164 more words


Poets for Change in Connecticut

It’s been over nine months since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., but for nearby residents and parents across the country, the pain is still fresh. 398 more words

Hội thảo : Smart Marketer

Hội thảo diễn ra vào Thứ năm 11 Tháng tư, 2013 16:00-06:00

Hội thảo Smart Marketer Sonoma County Winegrape được tổ chức tại Wine Country Hilton, Santa Rosa. 171 more words

Rượu Vang

And Soon The Darkness (1970)


EMI Films

Directed by Robert Fuest

Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clements

Written by Brain Clements and Terry Nation

AND SOON THE DARKNESS… 837 more words


Contemporary Verse Novels and Sentences and Fragments: Charles Simic's DIME STORE ALCHEMY

I’m not really sure why I keep writing about “Contemporary Verse Novels,” because I’m not that interested in labeling things. But it’s as good a category as any, and I like the idea that books that already exist as “poems” might also benefit from being associated with “novels.” So, on to the latest that fits the bill. 592 more words


What will be enough?

To squeeze an orange,

scrape its rind,

breathe in the pungency?

Or simply to spread the butter

with a fat, ornate knife? 94 more words