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Lost Films now available for pre-order

I am beyond excited to announce that Lost Films, the new dark and weird fiction anthology from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing is now available for pre-order. 36 more words

Gratis Currency / Free Books

On Saturday I finished an essay about the chapbooks Alex Caldiero has been producing at a rapid pace over the last couple of years.

In answer to my question about why the sudden and prolific production, Alex said that he “wanted to reach out, to create a current and a currency, a gratis currency to exchange what I call documents of our common presence.” 455 more words

Weekend Reads

Two years ago, I read an interview in Hobart with my undergraduate advisor Brian Evenson. (Yes, go read it!) There’s nothing quite like being published in the same magazine that publishes your literary heroes, and I’m very excited that my nonfiction piece is part of Hobart’s online baseball feature. 40 more words

Writerly Musings

‘White Square’ by Brian Evenson

The story begins: “The black square on the table is meant to represent Gahern’s estranged wife; it is presented as such at Gahern’s request. The gray square beside it stands in for the black square’s new husband, also presented as such at Gahern’s request.  112 more words

Agri Ismaïl

Homage à Brian Evenson

I’ve just read Brian’s little book called Reports.

It has inspired me to write a report of my own, which follows:

A Report on a Fickle Ficus… 844 more words

The Warren, by Brian Evenson / *****

I’m a huge fan of Brian Evenson, an author whose works I find unsettling, thought-provoking, unconventional, and incredibly well-written in a way that’s hard to convey. 520 more words

Book Reviews

REVIEW: "Click" by Brian Evenson

Review of Brian Evenson, “Click”, Nightmare Magazine Issue 61: Read Online. Reviewed by Winnie Ramler.

In a word- creepy. What do you do when you can’t trust your own memory- when you have no memories to trust? 195 more words