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Brian Evenson's Dark Visions Return in A Collapse of Horses

Imagine you’ve suffered a traumatic head injury. After surgery, you return home to find a house that keeps changing when you aren’t looking. A window moves a few inches overnight, a hallway seems narrower than it was yesterday. 823 more words


A Collapse of Horses

I’m reading A Collapse of Horses, the latest Brian Evenson collection, for review. A master of the surreal, the weird, and the disquieting, Evenson is among the living greats and on my top ten list of contemporary authors.

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Jay Burleson's UNFINISHED BUSINESS! Now Crowdfunding!

I wrote this film off Jay’s treatment and initial pages, fueled by so much David Lynch, John Carpenter, SUNN O))) and the literary heft of Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Evenson, and E.M. 185 more words


The Din of Celestial Birds

Exhibit A in the ongoing case of Why You Should Be Reading Brian Evenson. If you like this one, hie thee forth to grab his latest collection,  6 more words

Father of Lies

Review #22: Fiction

Father of Lies by Brian Evenson

This novel is dark. It is disturbing. It is uncomfortable. And all of it is completely necessary. 838 more words

Book Review

Bookslinger Update: "Windeye"

The Bookslinger app has been updated with a new story!

The story this week comes from Windeye by Brian Evenson, published by Coffee House Press. A woman falling out of sync with the world; a king’s servant hypnotized by his murderous horse; a transplanted ear with a mind of its own—the characters in these stories live as interlopers in a world shaped by mysterious disappearances and unfathomable discrepancies between the real and imagined. 38 more words

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Brian Evenson, "Life Without Father"

“The problem, Elise realized, staring at him, was knowing what to say. You could say what you thought was right, what would make sense to you, and nobody else really understood it. 26 more words