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Bookslinger Update: "Windeye"

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The story this week comes from Windeye by Brian Evenson, published by Coffee House Press. A woman falling out of sync with the world; a king’s servant hypnotized by his murderous horse; a transplanted ear with a mind of its own—the characters in these stories live as interlopers in a world shaped by mysterious disappearances and unfathomable discrepancies between the real and imagined. 38 more words

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Brian Evenson, "Life Without Father"

“The problem, Elise realized, staring at him, was knowing what to say. You could say what you thought was right, what would make sense to you, and nobody else really understood it. 26 more words


Review: The Open Curtain, Brian Evenson

I have perhaps become spoiled by my time splashing in the shallows of genre fiction, seduced by the promise of easy entertainment and little cognitive output. 865 more words

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Inbox/Outbox: October 5-October 11

Uncertain how to begin, the blogger glowered at the screen and then, in an attempt to cow it into submission, began rolling his pecs. The laptop was unimpressed, as were his readers. 824 more words


Publication Day of Laura Ellen Joyce's THE LUMINOL REELS

Today is the official release date of Laura Ellen Joyce’s The Luminol Reels.


The Luminol Reels is a baroque phantasmagoria, where haunting thematics… 353 more words

Brian Evenson on Beckett's Molloy

Read this Q&A in Electric Literature with Brown University’s Brian Evenson about Samuel Beckett’s novel, Molloy. It makes me want to pick up the book again and read it immediately. 

My favorite books about cults...(D)

I have always been intrigued by cults. I  have an anti-cult personality, if you will, but I do find the psychology of it all fascinating. Groupthink, a charismatic leader, martyrdom for a cause etc… I was recently rereading the novel Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk  and decided to make a list of my 5 favorite books about cults (in no particular order). 838 more words