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Another local icon has been cast onto the sporting scrap-heap.

I called in to pay my last respects the other day. Just as you would stumble across the uncared-for funeral plot of a long-lost relative, it looked dishevelled and unloved ; hardly bearing testimony to the  good times it had enjoyed throughout its 69 years. 1,255 more words

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I love the resources at The Overview Bible Project! They have a series currently running with a cool look at each book of the Bible. The latest is on… 160 more words

My favorite shoot to date!

Cheers to an interview where neither my boobs nor talk of sex with a teddy bear is the focus!

Spoiler Alert:  There is no bear. The bear is animated.   206 more words

What A Bug Scientist Says About ‘Ant-Man’ The movie Ant-Man was...

What A Bug Scientist Says About ‘Ant-Man’

The movie Ant-Man was (obviously) inspired by ants, so we thought we’d talk to a real ant expert to learn a bit more!

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Austin Warrior Arts - African Martial Arts series - featuring Damon Stith and Bryan Fisher

In this video, we are exploring the use of the Spear (Allarh) and Sword (Takouba) in sword class. This concept is based on use of the sword and spear in Tuareg sword dances and ritualized sparring. 40 more words


Life Right Now Podcast-Brian Fisher

WE’RE BACK!!! No, it’s not the remake of Poltergeist…Rebekah & Tim are back on the air, er, on the line…you know, with a new podcast. Anyway, we said we were going to bring you new material in a slightly different way. 133 more words


Abortion- Where are you, church?

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the 2015 March for Life conference and walking in my first March. I was there as a volunteer for the Radiance Foundation – an educational, life-affirming organization that inspires people to live a life of meaning. 946 more words