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Will Pricing at the IDIQ Level Disappear?

The change could lead to the creation of contract vehicles that use only technical factors to evaluate bidders, leaving pricing competition to take place at the task order level. 10 more words


Barbarism And Other Heresies In These Places

It must be owned that poor old Brian Friel, the Irish playwright who passed away just over a year ago, wrote some marvellous lines. Not quite so many, perhaps, as the Irish would like to believe he did, but then we’ve never been the best judges of this kind of thing, whatever the tourist brochures might say. 866 more words

Brian Friel Faith Healer

This was an amazing play that really does take us into the heart of everything that the twentieth century was about. T.S. Eliot speaks about modern life as one where we are all “distracted from distraction by distraction”. 854 more words

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Molly Sweeney -- Irish Heritage Theatre at Walnut 5

Molly Sweeney can identify several varieties of flowers from the scent and touch. She is a championship swimmer who elegantly describes how slicing through the water, of a pool or the Atlantic Ocean, makes her feel. 1,903 more words

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In The Alliant 2 Summer, It's J.P-3s, Not SPF-50 | Brian Friel | Pulse | LinkedIn

While much of the country is headed to the coast on I-95, I-64 or other Interstates loaded up with bottles of SPF-50, many federal contracting officers are instead finding themselves staring at J.P-2s and J.P-3s, perhaps wondering where these forms came from, and starting to wonder whether they’d rather be at the beach. 16 more words


Faith Healer - The real thing. Donmar Warehouse

Brian Friels’s four monologues from three characters tell very different versions of the same events.

Stephen Dillane is utterly believable as Frank, the charismatic, self mocking, untrustworthy Faith Healer who may or may not have the gift of healing and if so, has no understanding of it. 309 more words


'Confusion is not an ignoble condition': Brian Friel: Plays (Contemporary Classics: Volume 1)

In the middle of Brian Friel’s play, The Aristocrats, a character recites the lines of the Scottish poet Alastair Reed’s ‘My Father Dying… 1,843 more words