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Podcast #42: Hollywood Worldviews with Brian Godawa

Nate, Gene, and Logan briefly chat about their kids’ quirks and try to fool each other with another round of Fact or Fib. They also sit down with Hollywood filmmaker and author Brian Godawa and discuss cinema and worldview from a Christian perspective! 94 more words


Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

Originally published at Christian Entertainment Reviews

Oftentimes I find myself in conversation about movies with other believers. While these can sometimes be wonderful and insightful conversations, they are usually very limited to a small subset of “appropriate” or “Christian” titles.  1,742 more words


Enoch Primordial by Brian Godawa: a Review

Brian Godawa is an accomplished screenwriter and author. In addition to books on film and worldview, and the role of mythology, he has written several series of novels in the fantasy genre. 182 more words


Satan's Favorite Sin?

“ could be argued that the favorite sin of Satan would not be vanity, as described in ‘Devil’s Advocate’, or even unbelief in the existence of the devil, as described in ‘The Usual Suspects,’ but the imagining of a generic, Christless God. 75 more words

Get a first look at the lunch and brunch menus of Ba Bellies, opening soon in Norcross

Southern-Asian fusion restaurant Ba Bellies is set to open in Norcross in the next few weeks, and we’re giving you a first look at what to expect for lunch and brunch. 238 more words

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Triumphal Arch in London: Honoring ancient ruins or Baal worship?

Does the reconstruction open demonic spiritual portals?   Were Christians overreacting?

107 more words