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What Are You Not Prepared To Say?

To do nothing is within the power of all men.

Samuel Johnson

A patient lay on the operating table, desperately in need of the life saving surgery.

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Brian Goldman

NPR TED Radio Hour Podcast Making Mistakes

Story provided by NPR 

In this episode, TED speakers consider why sometimes we need to make mistakes and face them head-on.



5 Medically Related TED Talks You Will Love!

I recently posted a TED talk to the blog Autumn Scrubs and seemed to inspire the author to watch and post some TEDs she liked. I though I’d make a list of some of my favourites that relate to medicine. 177 more words


Dr. Brian Goldman in the IMAGINE Project: The empathy gap and problems in healthcare

It’s a culture of defensiveness, a system that beats the empathy out of people, and simple lack of training, that destroys patient experience and leads to bad outcomes. 696 more words

Dr. Brian Goldman (bio): Who is the IMAGINE Project symposium's keynote speaker?

Dr. Brian Goldman is one of Canada’s most trusted voices in medicine — a doctor who thinks like a patient. He makes complex medical issues digestible for audiences on radio, television and on the speaking circuit. 183 more words

The 3 Worst Words for a Doctor - TED Talks

An inspiring talk primarily on the elementary etiquettes one should not have to be reminded of; owning up to one’s mistakes. Doctor Brian Goldman explains the mistakes he’s committed in life with respect to the medical field and how it has impacted his patients severely, to the point where some died. 22 more words


Do you remember?

“Do you remember?” Yes. Yes. Yes. I can’t forget. I’m not the doctor, but I relive those days over and over. I never left the building. 877 more words