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JASON SIZEMORE - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 121

Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications sits down with Brian, Mary, and guest co-host Maurice Broaddus for a fascinating discussion on publishing, editing, the importance of libraries, and advice for those wishing to start a small press. 62 more words


book review: Jack's Magic Beans by Brian Keene

This is the second of Mr Keene’s stories I have read. An end of the world tale with a twist I had not expected. This tale is dark, bloody and intense. 16 more words

MAURICE BROADDUS - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 120

In what may be our greatest episode yet, Maurice Broaddus sits down with Brian, Dave, Mary, and Phoebe to discuss ghost-writing for celebrities, reconciling religion and faith with genre writing, being a trailblazer for writers of color, his friendships with Wrath James White and Chesya Burke, and much more. 54 more words


The Horror Show with Brian Keene: Episode 119 - Listener Mailbag VI

Brian, Dave, and DungeonMaster 77.1 open the listener mailbag and answer all your questions. Plus the success of the #FreeRTRiley campaign, the launch of the Splatterpunk Awards, another DarkFuse update, THE OUTER LIMITS returns to Blu-Ray and DVD, the Ghost Town Writers Retreat, SHARKNADO 5, and Dave gets punched at an Iron Maiden concert. 8 more words


GRINDCAST - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 118

Chaos ensues as the hosts of Grindcast invade The Horror Show studio for a very special crossover episode. And speaking of invasions, Wrath James White returns from his invasion of Germany. 71 more words


SOMER CANON - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 117

Somer Canon joins Brian and Dave Thomas in the new studio to discuss growing up without a library, the influence of Ruby Jean Jensen, discovering Jack Ketchum for the first time, life after Samhain, and juggling a writing career while raising two kids. 31 more words


MARK WAID SMASH - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 116

Brian and Dave discuss comic book writer Mark Waid’s history of bullying and threatening fellow creators and fans. Plus, the Permuted Press dumpster fire flares up again, Cullen Bunn returns to prose, Rio Youers is lovely, LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is coming to television, and good news for New York City freelancers. 8 more words