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KELLI OWEN - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 113

Life’s unexpected curves can be detrimental to creatives. Kelli Owen joins Brian and Dave for a frank discussion on grief, depression, and how they impact writing. 52 more words


ARMAND AND SHELLY ROSAMILIA - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 112

Time management for married creatives is the topic as Armand and Shelly Rosamilia join Brian and Dave in studio. They also discuss podcasting, how to pitch a show to the Project Entertainment Network, and Armand’s brewery book-signing tour. 35 more words


GEOFF TATE - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 111

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling Geoff Tate — the original singer for Queensryche — sits down with Brian and Mary for a discussion on songwriting, his creative process, storytelling, and his role in the horror film THE BURNINGMOORE DEATHS. 40 more words


ROBERT BLOCH - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 110

Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, F. Paul Wilson, David J. Schow, John Skipp, Tom Monteleone, Wayne Allen Sallee, Chet Williamson, Cathy Gonzalez, and Del Howison share personal memories and anecdotes of Robert Bloch with Brian and Dave on the 100th anniversary of the horror master’s birth.  8 more words


Brian Keene's "Terminal" Review

Tommy O’Brian’s life is over. He’s been diagnosed with cancer. Terminal cancer. And this only scratches the surface in a long line of problems Tommy will encounter in his final days upon the Earth. 765 more words


STEVE BOLIEK - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 109

Director and actor Steve Boliek joins Brian and Dave to discuss independant filmmaking, financing and self-distribution, his cult classic zombie movie and its forthcoming sequel, Lloyd Kaufman, Christian Jensen, and much more. 42 more words


REMEMBERING HORRORFIND - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 108

Brian, Dave, and Lombardo present a Horrorfind Retrospective, featuring remembrances of and tributes to Horrorfind founder Mike Roden from a number of genre professionals. Plus Bernie Wrightson and Jack Harris in remembrance, speculation on the identity of Chuck Tingle, the This Is Horror Award winners, and a call to boycott JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. 8 more words