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More personal blogging and pressing of this

I tweet a lot. Too much, really. I read a great number of stories every day. They are largely work related (aka WordPress stuff), but I also read items of interest in the news, regarding politics, and other stuff. 41 more words


How Much Should a Custom WordPress Website Cost?

The short answer is: it varies. :)

Fortunately this post by Brian Krogsgard offers some guidelines to help you ballpark what you should expect to pay. 138 more words


How to Become a Respected WordPress Developer

You’re trying to make a name for yourself among the legions of folks who make their living making things with WordPress. Where can you go to get some advice on how to up your game and stand out in the crowd? 74 more words


WP Candy Podcast

If you’re interested in what’s going on with people, plugins, and themes in the WordPress community — just to name a few topics, then the… 62 more words