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January 13, 2019

I am about to re-read a book I read a few years ago.  I remember reading along and thinking,

“Wow!  You mean somebody else thinks that way?” 168 more words

Random Thoughts

Another pastor questions the Virgin Birth for no good reason

Pastor Brian McLaren, who, alongside his former “emerging church” colleague Rob Bell, used to identify as an evangelical, said that the “literal factuality” of the Virgin Birth… 54 more words

What is an Emergent or Emerging Church?

This video is part of the preparations for a class I will be teaching at Master’s Baptist College in Spring 2019 on Christian Denominations. In this video I discuss what it means to be an “Emergent” church, and how these churches compare with other categorizations of churches.


God 4.0 or God 5.0 – Which One Is Yours?

Going through my emails this morning, I came across an article from CNN titled “Denmark plans to isolate ‘unwanted’ migrants on remote island.” The uninhabited island was once used for contagious animals. 682 more words

Faith Geeks Stuff

Advent 1: The Nightlights

A sermon preached by The Rev Sarah Henkel on the First Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2018. This is the first in a series on the lights, divine and human, that comfort, challenge and guide us through life. 1,971 more words


Three things about LOVE and the Bible:

This past week, I heard Brian McLaren talk at CEF2018 about creating “studios of love” within our churches. He asked us to imagine yoga studios without mats – just lectures on yoga. 480 more words