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In the growing quiet, I hear the cries of distant poets.

I’m an introvert so I spend a great deal of time inside my own head. It’s always noisy in there, with ideas and facts and impulses and emotions pushing up against each other like commuters crossing the tidal flow of a Tube Station, but I hadn’t realised just how much of the noise comes from my job until I moved to part-time working this month. 1,086 more words

Book Reviews

Photographs inspired by a poem

This was a very interesting and worthwhile exercise. I had forgotten how much I enjoy poetry and it was good to read some again. I struggled a bit with choosing a single poem as several spoke to me. 193 more words

Part 2

These Boys Have Never Really Grown into Men

This poem by Brian Patten from his collection ‘Armada’ resonates with me.

These Boys Have Never Really Grown into Men

These boys have never really grown into men, 143 more words



The poetry collection I would save from the metaphorical burning house would be ‘Armada’ by Brian Patten.  Each poem is a gem. This one, perhaps, the most moving of all. 62 more words


The Mersey Sound

The Penguin poetry collection called ‘The Mersey Sound’ was published 50 years ago this year.   That is staggering news since the poetry of all three is alive and relevant right now.  254 more words


I'm Dreaming of a White Smethwick

This poem by Brian Patten back in the 60s is just one reason why I hold him in high esteem.  His poem was a response to the awful, racist election in Smethwick in 1964 and the mood of certain sections in the population about immigration.  197 more words


Inessential Things

I was fortunate enough to hear Brian Patten at a poetry reading some years ago.  I hear his voice (or what I recall of it) when I read this poem.  102 more words