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The Innocence Of Any Flesh Sleeping - Brian Patten 

Sleeping beside you I dreamt

I woke beside you;

Waking beside you

I thought I was dreaming.
Have you ever slept beside an ocean?

Well yes, … 117 more words


Minister For Exams - Brian Patten

When I was a child I sat an exam.

This test was so simple

There was no way i could fail.
Q1. Describe the taste of the Moon. 165 more words


The Right Mask - Brian Patten

One night a poem came up to a poet

From now on, it said, you must wear a mask.

What kind of mask? asked the poet. 284 more words


Party Piece - Brian Patten

He said:

‘Let’s stay here

Now this place has emptied

And make gentle pornography with one another,

While the partygoers go out

And the dawn creeps in, … 81 more words


Sometimes It Happens - Brian Patten

And sometimes it happens that you are friends and then

You are not friends,

And friendship has passed.

And whole days are lost and among them… 160 more words


Geography Lesson - Brian Patten

Our teacher told us one day he would leave

And sail across a warm blue sea

To places he had only known from maps,

And all his life had longed to be. 177 more words


The Newcomer - Brian Patten

‘There’s something new in the river,’

The fish said as it swam.

‘It’s got no scales, no fins and no gills,

And ignores the impassable dam.’ … 155 more words