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The Mersey Sound

The Penguin poetry collection called ‘The Mersey Sound’ was published 50 years ago this year.   That is staggering news since the poetry of all three is alive and relevant right now.  254 more words


I'm Dreaming of a White Smethwick

This poem by Brian Patten back in the 60s is just one reason why I hold him in high esteem.  His poem was a response to the awful, racist election in Smethwick in 1964 and the mood of certain sections in the population about immigration.  197 more words


Inessential Things

I was fortunate enough to hear Brian Patten at a poetry reading some years ago.  I hear his voice (or what I recall of it) when I read this poem.  102 more words


THE STOLEN ORANGE - by Brian Patten

I just wanted to share this piece of art by one of my favourite Poets of the moment. There have been of late, and ever will be, speculation on the mind of the Poet . 143 more words


The Mersey Sound and Me

By the time I was 13, I was already writing poetry seriously, and read vast amounts of it from Widnes library for pleasure. In the early 1960s, Penguin started producing black paperback showcase volumes of three poets at a time, and when a bookshop opened in my home town, I began to buy these from my pocket money. 813 more words

Adrian Henri

Robots may be great at chess, but they really suck at poetry

What distinguishes us from computer intelligence? Feeling and beauty. As proved by poetry. And as proved by hearing a machine ‘read’ a poem.
A computer reading out words with no no tone, no inflection, no feeling, may as well be reading out a shopping list. 343 more words