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Impractical Jokers 'Where's Larry' Tour

Earlier this year I had the joy of getting to see my favourite comedians live on stage and they did not disappoint. So much so that when they announced that they would be coming back to the UK in October my friend Beth and I turned each other and instantly knew we would be getting tickets again, and after 10 months of months of waiting the day finally came that we would get to see them for the second time! 563 more words

Dave Explores Manchester - Impractical Jokers Live

Hey moustache, what’s up?

After seeing the Impractical Jokers at the Manchester Arena in January, when I heard they were back in October I had no hesitation in grabbing a pair of tickets in the pre-sale. 1,096 more words


Martin O'Neil's overspend bought 2001 Treble using Dermot Desmond's Bank Guarantee. Debt needed to be cleared by share offer.

In the Celtic accounts for year ending 30 June 2001, Chairman Brian Quinn acclaims their first Treble in over 30 years but the clue to how it was achieved appears in the next paragraph: 563 more words

Financial Integrity

Season One, Episode One - Pay It Forward

Challenge 1: Keep The Change – Although not the first challenge ever filmed, Keep The Change becomes the first one ever to count in the win/loss column for the Jokers. 577 more words

Brian Quinn

A Sappy Post About Impractical Jokers

Things you may not know about me: I love comedy. I love good comedy that makes people laugh without feeling like it has to offend a group of people to be funny.With The Tenderloins and their show Impractical Jokers, you get a group of friends who have known each other for 20+ years bantering with each other. 373 more words



Central Arts 29th + 30th October @ 8pm

Stagemad Theatre Company presents Foxy Divil written and performed by Brian Quinn. Directed by James Power.

“You’re the Foxy Divil when you like” 17 more words



-by Brian Quinn
Art: “Breaking Through” by Carne Griffiths

Dragging hand-me-down virtues
through tunnels of
barbed wire, wrapping
ethic(and morality, some
times)inside oily rags… 129 more words