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Taste Talks showcases the culinary cutting edge for a food-obsessed generation, through symposiums, workshops, tours and discussions. Experts in dozens of related fields come together to digest and expound the latest trends in food and drink – in Brooklyn! 553 more words


Longest punishment

Any Impractical Jokers fans on here!? What did you guys think of last night’s punishment? I personally thought it was one of their best but also thought Sal at one point was going to figure it out because there were times when he was super calm about it lol 😂


Le Projet - Vive Le Rock

If you have not checked out Le Projet you are seriously missing out on original rock n’ roll music. It should be illegal to have as much talent in one band as these guys have. 128 more words


Impractical Jokers. The Best Moments And The Tour

Sal, Joe, Q and Murr are going to tour the UK in January 2017. Visiting arenas in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London, this will possibly be one of the biggest comedy shows of the year worldwide. 576 more words


Impractical Stalkers

Ladies and gentlemen…if you ever need a personal investigator to find someone…give this girl a call…my Sister Laura….

There ain’t no-body she can’t find.
So today we both had tickets to see The Tenderloins in Manchester. 448 more words


Ted Knight is "Tits"

Some classic Tell Em Steve Dave right there, Mike Zapcic had just made a comment off air about much he liked Ted Knight as a kid and so  Bry and Walt had to drag him on to TESD to justify his claim  that back in the day Ted knight “was tits” or “the tits” as mike phrased it on the show.

Tell Em Steve Dopplegangers

Ok everybody who has watched Impractical Jokers knows that Q bares an uncanny resemblance to Rosie O’Donnell and everyone remembers the time Sebastian Bach was convinced that Bry was actually Alan Moore during a recording of Tell Em Steve Dave but it is actually astounding how much Buddy Holly looks like Walt!