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Brian Tyler talks Rambo (2008)

Brian Tyler talks Rambo (2008)

Credit to Lionsgate

The Rambo franchise is a series of films consisting of: First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II… 253 more words

Film Music

Film Score Origins: The Creation of the Marvel Studios Fanfare

What a creative way to begin the Ant-man movie, yes? People sat back in the seats, eyes wide open in the dark, heart pounding, waiting to hear Brian Tyler’s glorious and triumphant Marvel Fanfare and … hey, I don’t speak Spanish. 560 more words


Movie Man Jackson looks at: 2015 Music in Movies (Part 2)

Back with Part 2 of the year-end series. If you missed Part 1, you can see that here. Now, onto the selections!

Ex Machina ( 1,172 more words

Music In Movies: 2015

Interview with Brian Tyler

Brian TylerAvengers: Age of Ultron, Now You See Me, Furious 7

FSC: What inspired you to go into film scoring?

BT: The thing that inspired me to go into film scoring, I think, was really the combination of the two things that I really loved growing up, which were movies and music. 4,342 more words


TRUTH – Brian Tyler

Original Review by Jonathan Broxton

Truth is a film about journalistic integrity and ethics, which looks specifically at the 2004 ‘Killian documents controversy’ which essentially ended the careers of veteran CBS news producer Mary Mapes and the well-respected news anchor and journalist Dan Rather. 1,037 more words


Writer's Block

I have no idea what to write about this week.

I’m suffering from a pretty bad case of writer’s block.

There’s nothing really big going on in my life that I want to write about. 527 more words