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Dresden Dolls - Dresden Dolls [#396]

Some time ago I was working in a help desk for a major university in the UK. It was at a time when software and media piracy was looked upon with the same fondness one might have for free toys in boxes of cereal. 229 more words

Brian Viglione

Photos: Violent Femmes @ LC Pavilion

How could I forgot to post when the Violent Femmes came to town with Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls on drums??? Here’s something I forgot a month ago. 7 more words


The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls
18×24 Inches – Pen & Marker on Paper

Jeremy Eckhart

Because Right Now We're Here in Boston

“I told you,” my ex-boyfriend would eventually say to me, months after we broke up and I had already listened to the album, No, Virginia… 699 more words


THE DRESDEN DOLLS - Girl Anachronism

Sometimes I just really miss The Dresden Dolls. Like the old-timey Dolls, with the white face makeup and the stripey socks. I think they were the first band that I really, truly loved that broke up in real-time and I became extremely depressed when I heard of Amanda and Brian parting ways. 112 more words


Loudboy live @ BSP Lounge w/ Atom Strange & Geezer, Saturday Feb 22nd 8 p.m.

Loudboy live at BSP Lounge in Kingston, N.Y. Saturday February 22nd at 8:30 p.m. We will be opening for Atom Strange & Geezer. Here’s the link to the Facebook event page