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The Freeform Nature Of The Shape-Shifting Presidency

We owe that statement to George Will. On MSNBC’s ’11th Hour With Brian Williams’ Thursday, 20 April 2017, he added that the Presidency of Donald Trump is like ‘Open Mic Night at the Improve’. 1,310 more words

Sean Spicer is sooo stupid. But Wolf Blitzer is worse.

I used to feel so sorry for Sean Spicer. I couldn’t imagine a worse job than his except maybe being the official apologist for Saddam Hussein. 337 more words


Dumb Comment

MSNBC’s Brian Williams came under fire Friday for coming up with another broadcast “beauty” during his coverage of the US strike on Syria.

Williams – who… 103 more words


Glen Greenwald on Trump, Syria

Democrats’ jingoistic rhetoric has left them no ability – or desire – to oppose Trump’s wars.


So once again, here we go. This all seems so familiar, doesn’t it?   77 more words

Bombs Bursting in Air: the Media’s Love Story in Syria

By David Griscom | CounterPunch | April 7, 2017

Gore Vidal called our country “the United States of Amnesia.” Not only is the American media forgetful they fight violently not to remember.

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