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Brian Williams is a liar. I’m on the level. He’s admitted to telling tall tales told in moments of ego-driven fanaticism, and mostly to his pals on late night talk shows.   785 more words

TV News

My Finest Hour

As the U.S. Marine Corps “turned” 240 years old last week, Hillary Clinton dusted off an old story that has previously been “met” with skepticism: … 767 more words


My Brand is CRISIS...

Crisis seems to be the word of the moment. Between the huge Number of people using this term to NOW describe their businesses and the new movie Called OUR Brand is Crisis, Seems to be a crisis manager is an “it thing?!” 752 more words

Prepare For Prison

Kept You Waiting, Huh?

(Ed note: The following is a mildly edited copypasta of my original intro post, in which I put a typo in the URL like a newfag.) 531 more words

Cultural Libertarianism

Benghazi Hearing

On Saturday I watched a couple of hours of the House Benghazi committee interrogation of Hillary Clinton. I continue to be amazed at how foolishly Republicans continually shoot themselves in the foot. 339 more words

CNN is the ratings loser in Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony

If you thought CNN carrying Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi committee wall-to-wall would be ratings gold for the network — well, you were right and wrong. 67 more words