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You Cannot Be Christian and Support Torture - Brian Zahnd

You Cannot Be Christian and Support Torture Brian Zahnd You cannot be Christian and support torture. I want to be utterly explicit on this point. There is no possibility of compromise. 46 more words


The Prince of Peace

Today marks the 30th year we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Thirty years of two steps forward, three steps back for the realization of his dream. 543 more words

Story Monday

Christ is the Word of God, and so is the Bible

Here we go again… In November, I voiced agreement with Derek Rishmawy over against those who draw an overly sharp distinction between Christ the Word of God and the Bible as the Word of God. 1,120 more words

Losing and finding

In the back of my mind, I think about long term challenges. They are tucked away back there, not to be forgotten, but rather, to come forward from time to time.  802 more words


Reading the Bible

“If I can accept that the Bible is trying to lift up those who are unlike me, then perhaps I can read the Bible right.” 200 more words


Bad Christian memes, Brian Zahnd edition

I’ve been critical of the theology of pastor Brian Zahnd on a couple of occasions (here and here). Courtesy of Derek Rishmawy, I encountered yet another objectionable statement, this one in the form of a meme. 642 more words