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Servant Subversion versus "Domination"

“The problem with our “change the world” rhetoric is that it is too often a thinly veiled grasp for power and a quest for dominance—things that are antithetical to the way Jesus calls his disciples to live.” 

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in praise of liturgy

Earlier this year, I felt as if my heart and head both broke open, and everything of myself fell out. People told me I should trust in God, cry out to God. 722 more words


Death of the Monster God, Brian Zahnd

When we look at the death of Jesus on the cross in the light of the resurrection, we are looking at our salvation. But, what do we really see when we look at the cross? 237 more words



Do you take time to contemplate?  I wonder if people even know what that means anymore.  Some people think that sitting and appearing to do nothing is a waste of time.  681 more words


Exceptional or predictable?

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of political candidates give speeches and make statements that point towards how special America is.  Maybe it’s the bluster of a candidate who will “Make America Great Again” or who are “Reigniting the Promise of America.” Or maybe it’s the promise for “A New American Century.”  Or better yet, in order to fulfill our special call maybe we’ll need the right person in charge who knows that “A political revolution is coming.”  Because you know, “Everyday Americans need a champion.  589 more words



Prayer is one of those things.  You know, one of those things that either frustrates, intimidates, confuses or scares people.

How often are shown how prayer is “supposed” to work?  245 more words


A Dream of Heaven

There is a constant that all of humanity contains that drives us endlessly forward.


Hope of an achieved goal. Hope of an end to suffering. 1,118 more words

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