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Brian Zahnd and Friedrich Schleiermacher: §1. How Does Zahnd Compare to Schleiermacher on "How Does Dying for our Sins Work?"

Brian Zahnd, about a year or so ago wrote a blog post entitled: How Does “Dying for our Sins” Work? For the remainder of this post we will engage with what Zahnd wrote, and then we will compare Zahnd’s theory of the atonement with German theologian’s, ‘Father of Modern Theological Liberalism’, Friedrich Schleiermacher’s theory of the atonement; I see some similarity between… 1,034 more words


Propping up the Empire

This morning I was having a serious debate with myself – which video do I want to re-post.  I decided that both were too good to pass up.  334 more words


Where is the Nietzsche Hospital?

After all it was the followers of Jesus who pioneered such radical innovations as hospitals, orphanages, leprosariums, almhouses, relief for the poor, and public education. The idea that the world somehow or other would have arrived at an ethical worldview that could produce such charitable practices and institutions… 53 more words


The Story of Shalom in the Story of God Part II

The Story of Shalom in the Story of God Part II

Last post we looked at the Hebrew word for peace, shalom, as the way things were meant to be. 2,970 more words

Justice Series

Is the American Way the Jesus Way?

Brian Zahnd is the co-founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church, a non-denominational Christian congregation in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Brian is known for his focus on embracing the deep and long history of the Church and wholeheartedly participating in God’s mission to redeem and restore His world. 302 more words

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