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Bad Christian memes, Brian Zahnd edition

I’ve been critical of the theology of pastor Brian Zahnd on a couple of occasions (here and here). Courtesy of Derek Rishmawy, I encountered yet another objectionable statement, this one in the form of a meme. 642 more words

On Poppies and Pacifism

I am personally convinced that Jesus taught and modelled non-violence. As did Paul. As did the early church for the first three centuries. I still have questions about the practicalities of non-violence in action, but if pushed I would (rather than pushing back!) call myself a pacifist, although for reasons I’ve explored  1,306 more words


The Dilemma of Labelling Non-Violence

I am a Pacifist. Ish. Like many others who share my views on violence, I find the P-word an unhelpful label, since for many people it conjures up ideas of cowardice and passivity, rather than a positive and active commitment to something believed to be more powerful than violence. 358 more words


Politics and Religion

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a long, deep past in politics.  A great deal of my adult life was devoted to politics.  730 more words


Brian Zahnd and Friedrich Schleiermacher: §1. How Does Zahnd Compare to Schleiermacher on "How Does Dying for our Sins Work?"

Brian Zahnd, about a year or so ago wrote a blog post entitled: How Does “Dying for our Sins” Work? For the remainder of this post we will engage with what Zahnd wrote, and then we will compare Zahnd’s theory of the atonement with German theologian’s, ‘Father of Modern Theological Liberalism’, Friedrich Schleiermacher’s theory of the atonement; I see some similarity between… 1,034 more words