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Doors, gyprock, wardrobes, pantry, kitchen, waterproofing

Messiest worksite ever!

Bits that are done are looking good. Rain has made the site boggy! And they’ve tried to lock us out!!

Photos of – Garage. 75 more words

Brick By Brick

I watched it rise and I watched it crumble

I watched it begin to crumble.

A few years ago I noted the bricks that had fallen from your structure.

After my relentless questions, I under stood that you were under fire. 143 more words

More gyprock. Weekend progress. 

Water tank installed. Some marks photographed for record.

Gyprock progress.

Aircon slab…. Not fixed yet…

Starting to look like a house.

Terrazza ceiling.

Doug inspects the progress. 60 more words

Brick By Brick

Motivation from bethjbarrett

Success is the sum of effort, good choices and hustle every single day. Over and over and over until practice becomes routine becomes habit becomes life. 48 more words