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Most of us have been privy to the raw power of the best building block in the world: the Lego. They come in almost any size and color imaginable and can help you create just about anything: a castle, a spaceship, a jungle, a bridge…the possibilities are virtually endless. 541 more words


Brick by Brick

The doctor stood on the stage and spoke, letting every low point hang hover and every inflection soar above everyone. She hoped that her triumphs, and mostly failures, would inspire courage and perseverance among us female athletes. 119 more words


LEGO, however, took an inside-out approach to testing. Instead of asking kids what they wanted, developers would show kids illustrations or prototypes of what they 

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More than anything, the LEGO System’s greatest value resided in its benefit to manufacturing, for it shielded LEGO from much of the rapid shifts in kids’ tastes.

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The housing market works, just not in providing homes

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The government’s housing White Paper was published this month. JAD ADAMS, pictured right, the chair of the borough’s largest homelessness charity, Nightwatch, suggests it does nothing to address the underlining problems… 1,896 more words


By spotlighting which constituency LEGO must serve, Knudstorp stood a better chance of changing more minds. Such clarity began to infuse staffers with enough confidence to face the future.

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£800,000: that's an 'affordable' flat according to developer

One of the great mysteries of London life in the 21st century – exactly how much does an “affordable” home cost? – may have finally been solved. 796 more words