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Belphegor Conjures the Dead at the Brick

A note from the Klown: The Klown bids greetings to you all. Though we did not attend the BIG Slipknot and Marilyn Manson show featuring Of Mice & Men on August 17, it was a good show… or so we heard here at Ugh Metal. 1,211 more words


Brick by Brick

Each day I pray for the walls to come tumbling down but the truth is behind those walls is where I feel safe the most. My trust has been betrayed on so many levels by people who I once trusted, confided in and loved and at times I just don’t know how to let anyone in. 76 more words

My Summer Reading: Brick by Brick

I don’t recall where I saw Brick by Brick, but I knew I had to add it to my list immediately. When I saw the blocky globe and strategically contrasted “LEGO,” I saw an old table that used to belong in my basement that had a massive LEGO Hogwarts, across from my brother’s collection of LEGO Star Wars sets. 1,045 more words


Nearly there 

Waiting for bank to complete inspections for keys. Waiting for tradesmen to finish some works. We gave it some outdoor solar lighting and a house number. 10 more words

Brick By Brick

The walk through 

Everything looks great. Painters there fixing final touches. Marked up a few things. Carpet issues, things not fixed and tile stuff- but overall we are on the same page as beechwood and this week – it’s done. 14 more words

Brick By Brick

Carpeted and cleaned

Nearly ready for walk through booked on 11 July.

Painters need to come back. Still screens to be installed.

Few things still lagging. We won’t approve until it’s really finished. 80 more words

Brick By Brick

Lights chosen

Hallway chandelier – really sparkly and effective. Light and bright.

Copper pendant lights for breakfast bar/ counter.

Doug liked them.
The rest will be led down lights.

Brick By Brick