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Daily Prayer

Lord thank you for this day,

thank you for what little precious time we have with our children, husband or partners, friends, loved ones, and caring strangers…. 174 more words

Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

Brick By Brick

I haven’t written anything in a really long time.

Considering there are only twenty six letters to play with,

it’s felt a lot like work.  918 more words


Brick by Brick: Laying a Foundation

You build a house from the ground up.  You check the soil, pour the slab, mix the mortar, place the beams, and lay brick by brick until you have a wall, and eventually a place you can call home.   272 more words

Personal Development

Brick by Brick

Brick by brick
stacked side by side
no space to stretch
in four walls of two feet wide.

Look in – watch – look
through a windowed glass eye. 222 more words


Plan Ahead or End Up In Spaghetti

Many of us have a routine we follow everyday. It can be on a range of brushing your teeth to breaking down a work or school project into digestible chunks everyday. 211 more words



~for Emily

(and all the troubled teenagers struggling to find their way… )

In cold dark lonely nights the appeal of depressive isolation is tempting. I sensed this more strongly when I was younger and insecure. 838 more words

Brick By Brick

How connecting the dots begins with collecting the dots... a lot of the time 2

Learning to use air mat was a good experience.

When properly blown up, the height of the air mat was more than my own height. 6-7 of us stood around the mat to assist in its operation. 473 more words