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Applying DNA to a genealogy brick wall: getting started


Happy Birthday, Nancy Agness Ann Jameson, born 10 Oct 1810!

That’s a fun date to remember—and a lot of given names for a little lass born in Kentucky so long ago. 2,183 more words

Brick Walls

Dreams, brick walls and fans

Today,  I am just frustrated!  I have hit a brick wall and am not able to even poke a hole in it! My new, improved research habits seem to be of little use. 885 more words

Posten Family

6 Expert Genealogy Research Tips for Brick Wall Ancestors

Can’t Find Your Ancestor? Genealogy Experts Suggest These 6 Tips

This article at Family Tree Magazine has some great tips . . . 6 Expert Genealogy Research Tips for Brick Wall Ancestors

Research Notes

Fort 8

Our last stop during Open Monument Day 2016 was Fort 8 in Hokoben, a fort built around 1860. By the time the first World War started, this building’s technology was already outdated, so they never actually got to use it. 101 more words


Incorporating DNA and genealogy research

One year ago was a milestone accomplishment in my genetic genealogy: I published an article in the Sept 2016 issue of the Indiana Genealogist, which is the quarterly publication of the Indiana Genealogical Society. 384 more words

Brick Walls

GratiTuesday: Brick Walls

Sometimes it takes hitting a brick wall for me to finally make a change that I have been putting off. That final, immovable force which prevents continuing on a comfortable, but unsatisfactory, forward projection. 513 more words

Learning New Things