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Brick Run (3.86k)

It’s “balls to the wall” day beginning with a 3500m  ‘muscular endurance’ swim, my usual 90 minute Masters Cycle class followed by this 25 minute Brick run.  308 more words


New Video: Structural Brick Surprise!

Here’s the latest video explaining the big surprise we discovered in the walls… the Green on Gift home is constructed of structural brick! Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to get video updates.


Not Enough Hours In The Day

That important question from the last post: how hard can an extension be?  Turns out it’s not particularly hard, just bloody time consuming.  When you’re one woman working alone, between the hours of 9 and 2 to fit around school and nursery days, not particularly inclined to work outside in the rain, still trying to keep everything else afloat… it’s going to take an age.  180 more words

'Thick with a brick'

According to Hollywood, thieves are often slick individuals, intelligent and sharply dressed people who can run rings around the police and the people they steal from. 171 more words


How Hard Can An Extension Be?

We needed an extension, a really big extension.  This seemed like something we should get somebody to do, but when we got a few quotes we were suitably horrified at the prices charged.  455 more words