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Ban Tom Inc., the undisputed master of dropping stories, taking inexplicable breaks then going back to the old story again later, picks up Pete’s “Mister Sponge” comic arc with the issue already published and ready for sale. 177 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

We have a roof

Have you noticed a recurring theme of unadulterated excitement in my last few posts? Well this post is no different. In fact, it’s fair to say my excitement level has just reached new heights! 174 more words

Brick Stage

Lots of pics - bricks, windows and tiling

I am so far behind with my blogging and the only way I think I  can  catch up  is to post some photos……..

Bricks arrived two weeks ago and the brickies have been very busy building our front courtyard wall, raised garden beds and pillars for our skillion roof pool pergola. 198 more words

Bin It

This was something different for me. I was waiting for my wife to finish work so I started walking around her office building and found this random bin with some nice light. 409 more words

Colin Butterworth

Why I'm obsessed by old brickworks

  • I first saw the beehive shaped brick kiln at Bailey’s Hard on the Beaulieu River in Hampshire in July 1996. The following year I took a class of ten year olds on a field trip to Beaulieu Village and the river.
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