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Wall flower

Witley Court – September 2017

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Launderette, Lidlington Place, Borough of Camden, London NW1, 2003 • Grimly decorative washeteria.

Shopfront Elegy

We got wood and I picked my plums

More of that later, but first somebody has a tiny cock up at the council.
Made. Somebody has made a tiny cock-up at the council. 539 more words


M.A.M. Auto

M.A.M. Auto • 23 Midland Road, Borough of Camden, London NW1, 2002 • Garages down the side of St Pancras station, in its days ofgrimy pre-restoration grandeur.

Shopfront Elegy

Spring has well and truly sprung (winter is coming...)

It’s official, my estimates of how long house related things would take are well and truly out! Last month we passed the two year point of having the house, and we’re still not quite there. 932 more words

Making it up as we go along

Just me helping the builders again. Video proof here.

I’m not sure about the rationale behind it, other than “I quite fancied a go”, but apparently the fact that I drove forwards a few metres, reversed around a corner (getting cocky) took a full 3 minutes to pick up that random blue pallet for absolutely no reason and then left it suspended 4 feet above ground was an enormous help.  585 more words


Hoes and Horses

We’ve spent a good bit of time this past month improving the stall situation for Henry, our Tennessee Walker.  Our 200 year-old bank barn has seen a lot of use over the years, and was not the ideal location for boarding a 27 year-old horse. 278 more words