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The Syria situation, 4 years on and still no end to the conflict in sight for the Syrian people.

The situation in Syria is as fluid as ever, the Islamic state continues to make gains be them small gains, gains none the less. Fighters are still being trained and sent in to fight against the democratically re-elected government of Syria by the same outside powers that supported the overthrow of the Libyan government leading to the complete collapse of the country. 806 more words



The Libertines have re-formed. They’ll fill the void left by One Direction.

BRICS failing. US rising. Who saw that coming.

Re China: Party Capitalism has turned out as poorly as Party Communism. 25 more words


China Rails Linking Eurasia

China has become the world’s leading makers of modern railroads and equipment. It has done so as part of a long-term strategy to weld a new economic space, build entirely new markets where none before existed. 1,881 more words

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Returning to a Gold Backed Monetary system: What Would Happen If Everyone Joins China In Dumping Treasuries?

by Katherine Frisk:

If China sells off USTreasuries and buys back yuan what does it mean?

In recent years China and Russia have been increasing their gold holdings. 1,548 more words

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Harlem Tee Shirts: You Will Lose Your 401K

Harlem Tee Shirts: You Will Lose Your 401K. You will lose your money. It really is Glass Steagall Act bankruptcy reorganization or mass death. REally is time to make a deal with the Brics and dump the british empire.


Is Brazil Going to Make It!

There’s a popular saying here in Brazil that Brazil is the country of the future — and always will be. A few years ago I gave a lecture at the Federal University of Ceara arguing that “Brazilianism” — this collective sardonic attitude to the country’s potential — had to be overcome if it was going to make the grade. 311 more words

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There is evidence all around us of the fragility of our situation globally. It seems appropriate, at this point in the sequence of posts on… 617 more words

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