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The rise of Chinese TNCs, BRICS, and current global challenges

China now hosts the second largest number of major TNCs after the US. How will they fare in a stagnant global economy?

Does BRICS still offer an alternative model of development that can address the current global crisis? 1,545 more words


The BRICS, Alliance are digging their own grave

The BRICS, Alliance are digging their own grave

How can you sure there is no “double agent” or “bad beings” in the Alliance, BRICS?

The BRICS, Alliance are label themselves as the “good guys” by talk but not by action. 409 more words


What is your objective Human Races & BRICS plus Alliance?

What is your objective Human Races & BRICS plus Alliance?

To Human Races in general:

Material like Gold, Silver, Technology toys?


Super-ability like telepathy, fly, teleport, manifest? 425 more words


India amongst the nations affected by one of the biggest threats to global health

~Aetna International white paper highlights antibiotics resistance as a serious hazard to public health~

~7 Lakh deaths per year due to Antimicrobial Resistance. Expected to reach 1 Crore per annum by 2050~ 553 more words

BRICS Business Council to focus on digital economy, measures to remove administrative barriers

(SHANGHAI, March 27)

The BRICS Business Council will focus on developing measures to promote digital economy and remove excessively complex administrative barriers during the chairmanship of South Africa, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin, who heads the Russian part of the BRICS Business Council, told TASS on the sidelines of the meeting in Shanghai on Tuesday. 235 more words

Digital Economy

Cina, Global Times: Le espulsioni dei diplomatici russi indicano le reali intenzioni occidentali

Tali azioni non sono altro che una forma di bullismo occidentale che minaccia la pace e la giustizia globali

Global Times

Il 26 marzo, Stati Uniti, Canada e diversi paesi dell’Unione Europea hanno espulso diplomatici russi dalle loro rispettive ambasciate e consolati stranieri per rappresaglia contro il presunto avvelenamento da parte della Russia dell’ex agente doppiogiochista Sergei Skripal e sua figlia. 898 more words

Al-Jaafari: The West’s fuss about Syria will fade away as terrorists’ defeats continue

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the fuss made by Western states in the UN Security Council about Syria will fade away as the defeats of terrorists continue in the country, noting that these states exercise political terrorism to Syria inside and outside of the UN. 184 more words