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For me and my roommate, Sundays are for day trips. I’m a huge encourager of day trips. It’s one of the best ways to discover what’s already around you, and for the most part, it’s inexpensive. 546 more words

Day Trip

Os verdadeiros pares do Brasil

Quem são os seus pares? Honestamente, os pares que mais me importam atualmente são os da tecnologia Par-a-Par(Peer-to-Peer/P2P).

Além da longa lista de vantagens da tecnologia baseada em redes P2P, devemos considerar que são nossos pares na vida real. 858 more words

Língua Portuguesa

India’s Freaking Out Over China’s “BRICS-Plus” Proposal

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced on Wednesday that China would “explore modalities for BRICS-plus, to hold outreach dialogues with other major developing countries” because “we hope to establish extensive partnerships and widen our circle of friends to turn it into the most impactful platform for South-South cooperation.” … 1,227 more words


‘The time to invest in Iran is now’

March 08, 2017

by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times

The shift in the global balance of financing power towards Russia, India and China — especially China — is opening up opportunities for Tehran… 1,188 more words


Will BRICS Obstruct Western Markets?

Trade agreement between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa


Multilateral trade agreements signify the importance of globalization and economic interdependence in our rapidly-changing world. 105 more words


Distraction. The Name Of The Tump Globalist Game. Look What You Missed.

I’ve been one of the few people here at the world wide web warning that the entire Trump / media circus was ‘created’ by the globalists as one of the ‘ 613 more words

Banco de BRICS prestará hasta 3,000 mdd

Fuente. Eleconomista.com.mx. 02/03/2017

El banco de desarrollo creado por el grupo de países de economías emergentes, BRICS, (Brasil, Rusia, India, China y Sudáfrica) tiene como objetivo prestar entre 2,500 y 3,000 millones de dólares este año, dijo su presidente K.V. 356 more words

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