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China Quietly Prepares Golden Alternative to Dollar System

Source: Journal-Neo.com
F. William Engdahl
May 18, 2016

China, as current chair of the G-20 group of nations, called on France to organize a very special conference in Paris. 639 more words


Harinder Kohli: «India, China y Japón liderarán la economía mundial en 2050»

Fuente: ABC.es 23/5/2016

El presidente de Centennial Group Holding, asegura que «una de las fortalezas que tendrá Asia será el crecimiento de las clases medias, en nada menos que 8.000 millones de personas… 762 more words

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Brazil Coup Govt Onslaught Continues, Public Media Decapitated

via Telesur

The public company will now be led by a journalist with a history of working for right-wing politicians.

Michel Temer, head of the coup government in Brazil, fired the head of the Brazil Communications Company, the public firm that manages the country’s public media outlets. 236 more words


¿Divide y vencerás? "EE.UU. intenta aislar a la India de Rusia y China"

Fuente: RT 23/5/2016

“EE.UU. tiene en el punto de mira a los países BRICS, Brasil, India, China, Rusia y Sudáfrica (…) Ahora ha puesto la vista en la India”, asevera un analista político norteamericano. 319 more words

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"Chemical industry is the best indicator of EM outlook"

… “And the outlook is not good”. Explanations on the Financial Times “Beyondbrics” blog:

“This ability to outperform conventional economic models is based on the industry’s long history and wide variety of end-uses.”

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Crisis in Brazil

by Perry Anderson, for London Review of Books

The BRIC countries are in trouble. For a season the dynamos of international growth while the West was mired in the worst financial crisis and recession since the Depression, they are now the leading source of anxiety in the headquarters of the IMF and the World Bank. 259 more words


Rousseff’s Ouster Weakens BRICS by M.K. Bhadrakumar – Indian Punchline

Rousseff’s Ouster Weakens BRICS  by M.K. Bhadrakumar – Indian Punchline

The fact of the matter is that the removal of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff from the office of president and her impending impeachment trial does not add up. 851 more words