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Now as PM, then as CM of Gujarat: Modi’s long political career of broken promises

From the days he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat to the present when he is the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, it seems, has made it his habit to make high-decibel promises to grab headlines, sail through in elections and then to unceremoniously forget about them till the next election. 799 more words

Narendra Modi

“Regime Change”? South Africa Targeted by Western Destabilization Efforts?

“They have taken about 45 young people to America to train them as part of their leadership program. What we got from those young people is not what they expected; they were trained on how to destabilize the country and regime change.”…Zuma said the Western states are retaliating against the ANC government due its affiliation with the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) Summit. 1,371 more words


Robert Lieber, Barack Obama, and the Goldilocks Doctrine

In his book Retreat and Its Consequences, Robert J. Lieber, a professor of U.S. foreign policy and international politics at Georgetown University, advocates for a more active American foreign policy, drawing upon evidence from the presidency of Barack Obama to demonstrate that restraint and retrenchment in the face of global threats is a losing strategy for the United States. 1,044 more words

Barack Obama

Video: Crisis at the US Federal Reserve, End of the Washington Consensus?

By Nomi Prins and James Corbett

Global Research, November 20, 2016

In the multipolar world of the 21st century, the locus of economic attention is shifting toward Eurasia. 73 more words


The 8th BRICS Summit: India Hosts, China Gains

Jabin T. Jacob, PhD, Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies

The 8th BRICS Summit in Goa in October this year, India came close on the heels of the G-20 Summit at Hangzhou in China and appears more or less to have had the same agenda except that it was smaller in size and therefore brought into sharper focus the contradictions within. 825 more words

International Relations

The Uncertain Future for Latin America’s Giants

Darko Lazar

In 2015, Latin America, and specifically Mexico and Brazil, slipped into a recession. According to The World Bank, economic growth slumped to 0.9% – the lowest in 30 years, with the exception of the 2009 economic crisis. 824 more words