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From 'Assistance' to Cooperation and Partnership :Policy Options

The countries we help through international assistance are no longer just recipients, but partners in a global mission to meet sustainable development goals.

September 20, 2016. 1,576 more words

Modi’s Campaign of Isolating Pakistan not gaining momentum

Mr. Modi is in full swing these days in isolating Pakistan internationally. His fast and furious team sought to isolate Pakistan diplomatically by engaging world leaders through one-on-one meetings and summits to make veiled attacks on Pakistan’s involvement in terror. 1,309 more words


Africa wasn’t “rising” before and it’s not “reeling” now

Africa is no longer rising, according to a New York Times article (paywall) last week. Ethiopia is in a state of emergency. Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, is officially in a recession. 600 more words

Week in Review October 10 – October 16

Kelsey Zimmerman, Daniel Tsvetanov, Alberto Perego, Elisabeth Nguebana, Glenda Pavon, Bogdan Polishchuk, Alexander Geysman

Turkish Stream to Move Ahead

During his official visit to Turkey, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced a revival of the Turkish Stream pipeline project. 1,382 more words

Weekly Top 10 Newsletter

Recently, I was reading an article about the India-Chinese relation. The Chinese Prime minister was in India for the BRICS meet. With the attacks on the Indian army bunkers in near future, the Indian diplomats were all guns to gain attention to this fiasco. 555 more words


"BRICS Summit: India’s hands full with Pakistan, must bide time to deal with China"

The BRICS Summit this weekend in Goa comes at a time when India-Pakistan relationship has hit a new low. Between Pakistan’s renewed intransigence in leveraging anti-India proxies to prosecute its Kashmir agenda, and India’s signal that will meet the same using limited military options, the discussions in Goa will invariably be coloured by the recent events in South Asia. 964 more words