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You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

This has meaning.


What if you already know what you have before you lose it? 47 more words

Art is Freedom?

The pencil is my brush

The paper is my canvas

My mind is the sky

My imagination roams the earth

My painting is wild and free… 32 more words


As I look in the mirror, I see me….

It’s not me, but it is….

I stand there looking at this reflection

I can see its heart, it’s  19 more words

The Nights

These are the night that we may remember

The nights that never die in our minds

They stay stuck on repeat

So that we may never forget… 56 more words


I am a dreamer

Yet I stand alone amongst them

Why should that matter?

I’m free to be me

I’m free to be who and what I want to be… 142 more words

Rainbows End

They bring joy to small children

Yet others see it in another way

A way of definition, maybe

We all see it differently

Some in good, others in bad… 10 more words

Just me, the Pencil, and the Paper

I started to draw a character from an anime I had watched

                                             I tried quickly to get it done

                                                   Yet I kept messing up

My eraser was growing short, the paper getting stained with all the mistakes I had made… 24 more words