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Custom Bridal Consultations

What is a Custom Bridal Consultation? For brides to be who can’t seem to find the right jewelry to go with their gown, we offer them the opportunity to create their own! 293 more words

Custom Jewelry

Calling all brides who love a sale;

When it comes to paying for a wedding it can seem nearly impossible. As if paying for a church, reception venue, catering and everything in between isn’t enough you can’t forget the small details… 132 more words


Awe-inspiring Autumn Bride

Autumn is the ideal season for wedding as everything bursts with a different beauty, hearts to yield the truth, righteousness, peace and love. A timeless-classic look for bride is in trend. 391 more words

Best Bridal Lehenga Store In Kolkata

The Most Important Pieces of Jewelry for the Modern Woman

As a woman, you have the benefit of luscious jewelry. What goes in your jewelry box is nobody else’s business and while we encourage this self-determination of sorts, we can’t help but share what we think would look best on you all day every day. 726 more words

Bridal Jewelry

The Perfect Wedding Jewelry

I’m very much an in-the-moment kind of person when it comes to picking outfits and accessories. I never plan these out; it’s more of how I feel when I’m getting ready. 339 more words

Wedding Planning


Fine jewelry is where it’s at. Fine jewelry, like wine, only gets better with age. This is the kind of jewelry that, not matter what, will always be desirable. 596 more words

Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry Care – Fashion, Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

We understand how crucial it is for you to maintain form and finish of jewelry you hold most dear. Wedding rings, engagement rings and anniversary rings are significant of changes in the course of your life and their importance cannot be emphasized enough. 735 more words

Bridal Jewelry