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How to choose the perfect wedding shoes

How to pick your wedding shoes..

 Shopping for shoes can be daunting for brides to choose a design they love for the big day. Brides often don’t know where to begin or start looking for the perfect design, it can be very frustrating as you will go through many designs you think you love then they are not perfect, or they don’t fit well or some one else has the same pair as you or you just cant find what you are looking for. 547 more words


The Truth About Wedding Shoes

The sad truth about heels is that although they look so beautiful, they often hurt to wear for long periods of time. For your wedding I understand the desire to have beautiful heels. 305 more words

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OhMyGod . . . Shoes!

I. Found. My shoes!

I don’t know about other brides, but I definitely stressed out more than I should have about my shoes. I knew from the beginning that I wanted two pairs. 381 more words


The 5 best Juttis for the Brides *with prices*!!

Your wedding outfit remains incomplete without matching footwear so, what are your pick as a Summer bride?
Well, for us Indians High heels is a feeling, however Juttis are an Emotion. 427 more words

Breaking the “White Bridal Shoe” trend

Remember when Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding dress?  Well, you know she had to have white shoes too.

We see it all the time – the photo of the bride hiking up her dress so we can see her shoes. 472 more words



These were my choice of bridal shoes as opposed to heels. The first time I told my mum I was going for sneakers…she didn’t understand me . 233 more words

Alternatives to Kate Spade Wedding Shoes

Keds for Kate Spade New York are the wedding shoes has been taking the wedding world by storm lately. These glitter sneakers are comfortable, fashionable, and looks great! 986 more words