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Bridal vendors ~ Baking Magic: Wedding Cake Specialists

I do love it when wedding vendors get in touch with me for a feature on Bombay Brides. Eight times out of ten, they are really skilled and the passion for the services they offer are clearly visible. 1,470 more words


Bridal Vendors ~ Bhagirathy Samudram: Wedding Photographer

To my mind, Bhagirathy Samudram, a talented photographer I happen to also be friends with, is a living sparkler. From her mischievous smiles to the wit and life she brings to each photograph she clicks, Rathy (as she loves to be called) is a veritable bag of tricks. 1,544 more words


Bridal Vendors ~ Michelle Rodrigues: Seamstress

In my home, it is understood that my near-reverence for bridal gowns is to be treated with good humour and a generous dose of patience. I am helplessly drawn to a standstill each time I pass by a boutique with wedding gowns on display and who can blame me. 1,339 more words


Bridal Vendors ~ Nupur Nanal: Wedding Photographer

One cannot think of any aspect of a wedding more intrinsic to the occasion than the photography. Even videos come second to this preservation of choice moments from your special day. 1,442 more words


Bridal Vendors ~ Tina Patil: Flower Crafter


I have known Tina since my college days, but back then, I had no clue that she was so incredibly gifted at craftwork. It’s strange how you get to know your own classmates better after you’re done with schools and colleges and the like. 1,247 more words



Bridal shows bring together brides, grooms, couples, families, friends and wedding planners, all under one roof for a chance to learn, be entertained and meet with a wide variety of wedding-related businesses and professionals. 492 more words


Visuelle Productions Fall Spectacular at the PAC

Visuelle Productions Fall Wedding Spectacular, October 30, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, Appleton 10:30am – 4pm. We are anticipating a fabulous show! All vendor spaces are full with 65+ wedding vendors. 70 more words