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Maybe they're coke cupcakes?

A few months ago, we (and by “we,” I mean “I”) decided we’d be ordering our wedding cake from the cleverly-named Maui Wedding Cakes. They’re one of three bakeries on the island, so we (whoops — “I” again!) did Eeny Meeny Miney Moe. 190 more words


On my last day in Nashville ...

… I am greeted on my way out of the post office, having frantically shoved some additional wedding invitations into the mail before they closed, by the tiny old Japanese lady in four-inch heels and full-on geisha makeup who had been in front of me in line, complaining that the disgruntled grill-wearing black postal worker behind the counter had been “very, very rude and prejudiced” toward her. 80 more words


The good news is I didn't get a single paper cut.

The best advice I can give any bride is to STAY AWAY from The Knot message boards.

It was the influence of many wedding-obsessed “Knotties” that I came up with the brilliant idea of making my own wedding invitations. 317 more words


Somebody shut me up

Somebody has got to teach me how to talk to the press.

While wasting time this morning (that would be after accidentally sleeping in until 10:30), I decided to Google my name. 338 more words


Adios, aloha

It is apparently a brilliant time to have a destination wedding in Hawaii.

I heard the news about ATA and Aloha airlines shutting down and filing for bankruptcy when my mom e-mailed to say their connecting flight on ATA from Phoenix to Maui had been canceled. 73 more words


A bride's worst nightmare

Whatever you do, do not buy Tostitos Multigrain tortilla chips.

It is impossible for me to eat a reasonable amount of these chips. In fact, it is impossible for me not to eat the entire bag. 247 more words


All he needs now is a congregation!

Rob and I have asked his grandfather, an octogenarian and a devout Catholic, to officiate our wedding in Hawaii.

We weren’t sure how it would go over, for obvious reasons. 268 more words