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Love is blind: the honeymoon

Honeymoon baby! The new husband has treated me to five luxuriant days in the fairest Cape. Nothing less than five star hotels, lavish meals, on tap masseuses, spa visits, a not small amount of time spent indoors to consummate, and the kind of love that is blind. 321 more words

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Fall Bridal Looks

Today is the first day of Fall. Fall is a great time of the year to get married. More brides are choosing this season to walk down the aisle. 53 more words

No time to worry about assets: the contract

 ‘ANC’ my mother keeps saying. ‘You must get an ANC.’ I know she didn’t vote for them so she must be hammering on about something else. 312 more words

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Face time: All in a day's work for the bride to be ...

With just two weeks left, the time was right or dam nigh essential to begin beauty treatments. After a not-so-relaxing massage, the next item on the agenda was my face. 295 more words

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Relationship building at its best: compromise is key

If you can survive planning a wedding, your marriage has every chance of success. More than anything a wedding is about relationships, but the one that brought you to a desire for marital status, is the one that is threatened the most. 269 more words

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Wedding Wednesday - Venue Hunting

Hey Everyone,

So since I am now engaged, the fun (stressful part) begins.

My tip: Enjoy your engagement for as long as possible before you start wedding planning… 637 more words


Drinks provided, bring your own food  

A bring and braai is one of the best social concepts of the modern era. Why can’t I apply it to my wedding? This would accommodate all tastes, from kosher to lactose-, wheat- and gluten-intolerant, halal and vegan, all of whom are among the invited guests. 281 more words

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